How to View All Friend Requests Sent on Facebook

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If you are one of the people who send a lot of friend requests on the main social network Facebook, you will surely receive a message alerting you not to send random friend requests while the number of requests exceeds the limit allowed in a certain period, this is Facebook’s algorithm to manage the sending … Read more

How to remove your phone number from Facebook and enable two-factor authentication without SMS. The complete guide

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We don’t want to give Facebook our phone number anymore, but we don’t want to lose the security of two-factor authentication. We explain how to remove the phone number from the social and how to activate 2FA with an external app. After the scandal about the 533 million phone numbers and data stolen from Facebook … Read more

How to block someone on Facebook couples

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Learn how to block someone on Facebook Couples will help you get rid of users who may be annoying. If you’ve come across a user who is a little more annoying than usual, you’ve probably wondered how to block someone on Facebook Couples. Facebook Matches is kind of like the Tinder of Facebook. It’s basically … Read more

Something went wrong on Facebook How to fix this error?


If you get the error: “Something went wrong on Facebook” We explain how to fix it. Attentive if you get the message: “Something went wrong on Facebook, how to solve this error? We tell you about it below. Facebook is the social network used by more than two billion users every month and the second … Read more

How to make a greeting card on Facebook

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One of the reasons why many of us continue to use Facebook is how easy and useful it is to see the date of birthdays on the social network. But it also continues to focus a lot on this section, allowing us with some creativity to make birthday cards on Facebook to share with our … Read more