What happens on Facebook when someone dies

We tell you what you can do with a Facebook account when its owner has died.

When a person dies, he/she has said goodbye at a funeral or other types of ceremonies… But what happens to his/her profile on networks? We tell you what happens on Facebook when someone dies.

Facebook is one of the social networks with the largest number of users. It currently exceeds 2.7 billion worldwide. The social network shows moments of life through photos or videos, but like all life comes a day that the user leaves forever, but your profile stays.

Unfortunately, we have met people who are no longer with us because they have passed away, but their memory lives on because their profile remains on social networks. For these situations, Facebook has functions applicable to the profiles of the deceased to take care of their memory.

But then what happens on Facebook when someone dies? The platform gives the option to family or friends of the deceased to cancel their profile so that they are no longer traceable or also allows them to leave it in the form of a memorial account so that their memory remains on the social network.

How to create a memorial account on Facebook

Now that you know what happens on Facebook when someone dies we tell you how to create a memorial account on Facebook.

Keep in mind that it must be friends or family members who must inform Facebook of the person’s death and begin the process of creating a memorial account.

To find out how to create a memorial account on Facebook, the first thing to do is to complete a request to Facebook. You can access this application by clicking here.

Then you will have to indicate the name of the person who died and the date of birth. You must also provide a scanned copy of the death certificate to corroborate that what you say is real. Finally, you must provide an email address for Facebook to contact you.

How to report to Facebook that someone died

Once you know what happens on Facebook when someone dies you may need to know how to report to Facebook that someone died. It’s a simple process, you can do it easily by filling out a form.

To report to Facebook that someone died you can access the application by clicking here. Once inside you will need to fill in your details including your name and email address and you will also need to report the name that appears on the person’s profile and the web address of that person’s profile. If you can also provide the email address you think they registered with it is important to verify the information.

Finally, you must indicate what you want Facebook to do with the profile of the deceased person. Among the options you are given is to create a memorial account, request deletion because they died or because they are incapacitated, or report a special request. Then you just have to send the request and Facebook will respond.

What is the Facebook legacy contact?

Any Facebook user can choose to have their account remain as a memorial before they pass away, but they will leave a legacy contact. We explain what is the legacy contact on Facebook.

The Facebook legacy contact is the person you choose to take care of an account when it becomes memorialized, i.e. the person you choose to take care of your account when you have passed away.

A legacy contact can manage things on the memorial account such as accepting friend requests on behalf of that memorial account, setting a post as a tribute, or changing the profile picture or cover photo of the memorial account.

If the memorial account has a section for tributes, the legacy contact will be the one who decides who can see the tributes and who can post them to the memorial account.

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