How to make a boomerang using filters on Instagram? – Have fun creating

Boomerang is an instagram add-on that will allow you to give that fun touch to your images while playing them continuously, without any pause.  If you have thought that making boomerangs on instagram and adding filters to them is very complicated, here we show you how easy it is indicating the steps you must follow to animate your favorite images. 

What is the way to make a boomerang last longer?

If what you want is to create boomerang with videos recorded with a long duration, first you have to record that video, of the duration you want, remember that the limit for videos in the stories and in the feed is 60 seconds maximum and minimum of 3. This will be stored in the gallery of your cell phone. 

Enter the instagram application, go to the main screen, click on the icon in the shape of a house at the bottom left.

Then slide the left side of the screen to the right, it will automatically activate the camera on your device, select the Boomerang option located on the left side, then click on the square icon in the lower left corner, select the video you want to place. 

Remember that you can customize the boomerang as you usually do with your images, adding text, music, stickers or whatever your imagination comes up with, select the ‘Done’ button and finally ‘Send’ if you want to publish it as a story of your profile or to the people you have included in your group of best friends, selecting the button for this purpose.

How to make a boomerang on Instagram using live photos?

If you are one of those who prefer the iOS environment and you have an iPhone from version 6S onwards, you can use the live photo option, which allows you to take and edit photos with pre- and post-captures, which you can use to make the boomerang. Remember to have it active so you can take advantage of this option.

Enter the instagram app for iOS, click on the button to add a story and enter the Live photo image gallery, once you have chosen the file press and hold the screen for a few seconds, until you notice that the word ‘Boomerang’ appears in the middle of the image and the usual movement occurs. 

How to make a boomerang on Instagram using filters?

You can add filters to photos, make boomerang using videos or with photos you have on your cell phone as follows:

In videos

Click on the image of your instagram profile, select the camera icon, then in the right panel choose the boomerang icon, at the bottom of the screen you will see a series of circular buttons corresponding to each of the filters available in your profile, select the one you prefer, allow the system to make the changes and ready, we observe the video with the filter you have chosen.

To publish the video select ‘Done’ at the top, then ‘Send’ and wait a few seconds for the video to load (this may depend on your connection speed) and you’re done.

Using photos

To make boomerang using filters and using photos, open the instagram app select the create post button and in the popup menu select ‘Story’, at the top there is a tab called ‘Gallery’ click on it, it will show you a menu of options, choose ‘Boomerang’ and you will see the images you can add, select the one you want to add or take a new one by selecting the camera icon.

Once you have the images for the Boomerang, you can add the filter of your choice by clicking on the icon with star shapes located at the top. The filters will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, choose the one you prefer. Share your boomerang post in the usual way ( >>’Done’>>’Send to’).

What to do to make a boomerang on Instagram slower?

If what you want is to slow down the playback of the images, the procedure is quite simple you simply have to enter instagram, at the top right we observe a series of icons click on the one to add a publication (box with a ‘+’ symbol inside).

Once you have chosen the type of post you want to make and activated your mobile camera, select the ‘boomerang’ option on the left side of the screen.

You will automatically enter the ‘boomerang’ menu, select the file you wish to place in this way. Once the photos have been captured, a playback of the photos will appear on the screen, and at the top of the screen the ‘boomerang’ options menu, click on the one that looks like an infinity symbol.

This menu allows you to choose what type of boomerang you will make, to make the video in slow motion choose the second icon, the one that has the shape of an analog clock, wait for the change to be made. Finally click on the ‘Done’ button at the top and you will have your boomerang in slow motion.

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