How to make a story with Boomerang effect on Instagram – All functions

Learn how to make a story with Boomerang effect on Instagram. The use of filters on Instagram has been a great novelty that has allowed us to have better quality photos with animations that make our content on social networks much more fun and interactive, one of the most used filters is called ‘Boomerang’ that allows you to add animation effects to a series of images that are played quickly.

Basically the boomerang effect is the continuous reproduction of images so fast that the human eye perceives it as a video, which ends and automatically starts again, hence the logo of this filter is an infinite loop symbol, because it is the number of times it is reproduced.

Where to find the ‘Boomerang’ filter on Instagram from a mobile?

The Boomerang filter is an Instagram add-on, and you can use it without having an account, to have it on your mobile you need to go to the Google Play store or the iStore (depending on the operating system you use).

Place ‘Instagram boomerang’ in the search bar and press ‘Enter’, select the add-on with this name. You must be attentive to the one you want to install, remember that there are other similar apps with generic names.

Make sure that the add-on is the one developed by the application itself (Instagram), otherwise you expose yourself to be a victim of malware, which can violate the information you have on your cell phone. Click on the install button, wait for it to download and the system to place it on your device. 

Once the application is downloaded, enter Instagram and click on the square icon with a ‘+’ symbol at the top of the screen, it will automatically play the camera of your cell phone. On the left side of the screen we observe a series of icons, go to the one that represents infinity (∞).

What is the way to use the Boomerang filter on Instagram?

If you’re wondering how to create boomerang content on Instagram, we have to tell you that it’s very simple. Once you have already installed the filter, you have several ways to use this feature, which we present to you below:

Slowmo option.

This option allows you to give a slow motion effect to your images, so you can upload videos in slow motion to your Instagram profile and place it in your story, for this the first thing you have to do is to enter the application.

You must access the stories section, at the bottom you must select the type of publication you want to make, the stories option will appear, here we select the boomerang option, then we must record the video to upload.

Select the more options button, here will be shown the complements of the effect, check the Slow Mo option represented with a clock, and that’s it.

The ‘Echo’ function

Another of the effects added to the Instagram Boomerang effect is Echo, which will create a distorted view of the created boomerang, presenting a ghost-like view on the movements or a double view of the movement.

To use it, just like the previous effect, we enter the Instagram stories section, select the Boomerang option, enter the more options menu and check the third option, after the Slow Mo clock.

Using the ‘Duo’ option

The last of the Boomerangs effects so far is the Duo effect, which allows the return of the video playback to be performed quickly, which makes the video created has a speed that increases at the end of the sequence and additionally brings you a textured effect when restarting the sequence. 

To make use of this effect, we will have to create the story in Instagram with Boomerang and when selecting more options check the last option.

There is a greater variety of effects that are added with each update of the app, here we have presented the most basic ones that show you an idea of what you can do, so explore the application and use them to give a different touch to your videos.

The boomerangs created can be published as stories, posts, reels and other options offered by Instagram to publish content.

How to save and publish an Instagram story with Boomerang effect?

After making our publication with Boomerang and adding the effect that we like the most, a preview of the final result will be shown, once we are satisfied with the result we can save it or publish it. In the case of wanting to save the publication, it must be done before publishing it, this will be done in the menu at the top of the page in the download option represented with an arrow down.

After saving the publication we can publish it in our stories, for that we will click on the button in the right corner indicating that it is ready to publish, when doing so the options to publish will be displayed at the bottom, here we mark the story option and that’s it. 

Don’t forget that you can also create ‘Boomerangs’ with videos already recorded on your cell phone, so you already have a way to make your images more fun.