How To Make My Telegram Private in 2024

We tell you how to easily activate the privacy of your Telegram profile.

Privacy on the internet is something really important for many users. If this is your case and you need to use Telegram, but you do not want to be located in the app, you may be wondering: How to set my Telegram to private? We give you the answer below.

Telegram surpassed 500 million users in 2021. Many are those who choose this messaging app not only to communicate but also to locate information of all kinds in its thousands of channels. In addition, Telegram is one of the most interesting applications in terms of user privacy. But how to set my Telegram to private? Here’s everything you need to know.

To answer the question of how to set my Telegram to private you must open the app and click on the “Settings” or “Settings” and “Privacy and Security” section. From there you go to see the options you can activate to privatize your profile:

  • Phone number. Enter the section and choose “No one” so that no user can see your phone number within the platform. If for some reason you want a contact to see the number you can add exceptions.
  • Last time and online. Another fundamental aspect of privacy is that your followers do not see the last time you have connected or if you are online. Select “No one” so that they do not see you.
  • Profile picture. You can do the same with your profile picture. Hide it so that no one can see it within the app.
  • Calls. In the calls section you can also select who can call you within Telegram. Choosing the “No one” option will prevent them from contacting you through calls.

How To Stop Them From Finding Me On Telegram

You already know everything about how to set my Telegram to private, but if what you need is to know how not to find me on Telegram we tell you the settings you need to make.

To not be found on Telegram you have to enter the app and within “Settings” or “Settings” access “Privacy and security”. Then in “Phone number” choose “no one”. In addition, under “Forwarded messages” also choose “nobody” so that if they forward you a message does not link to your profile.

Who Can See My Telegram Groups

Another of the doubts that arise for many users regarding privacy is this: who can see my Telegram groups? We give you the answer in the following epigraph.

Your Telegram groups can only be seen by those users who are also in that group. Your Telegram groups cannot be seen by users who do not belong to them.

To find out if you share a group with a Telegram user you just have to enter the chat of that user and click on their profile name. Then in the bottom section you have to see a tab where you put “Groups”. There you will see the ones you share.

How To Know Who Visits My Telegram Profile

You already know everything about privacy, but… How do I know who visits my Telegram profile? Here’s the answer.

Telegram currently has no feature that lets you know who is visiting your profile. Unless they open a conversation window and send you a message, there is no way to know who has entered your profile and viewed it.

Why In Telegram I Get Contacts I Don’t Have In My Profile

Another of the doubts of many users is the one that occurs when you check that within the app people you do not know, then why in Telegram I get contacts that I do not have?

This happens because the application has a tool called “Find people nearby”. What this tool does is to show contacts that are nearby in case for some reason you want to chat with them.

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