How do I quickly turn on my Amazon Echo Auto? – Setup and activation

If you have been in contact with Amazon Echo products you should already have an idea of more or less how easy it is to manipulate them, these tools have become very useful and if you are one of those who have not yet used them today we will talk a little bit about how to quickly turn on the Echo Auto, so do not miss all the information we have for you about it. 

How to easily turn on your Amazon Echo Auto?

First of all to turn it on quickly you have to keep in mind that you must have the Alexa App on your mobile device, this you can download it from the Play Store for Android how from the App Store if it is iPhone. Having this tool is essential so you can use it in the right way and make the most of all the properties that this device brings. 

What is the process to properly configure your Alexa device?

To properly configure your Echo Auto you have to do it from the Alexa app, first open it on your device and go directly to the settings option located at the top left of the screen.

Once in there you must locate and select the ‘Device’ option, tap the ‘More’ icon and then ‘Add device’ in the list that will appear you have to select the option ‘Amazon Echo’ and then ‘Echo Auto’, then all the information to configure the equipment will appear.

What to do to prepare your Echo Auto?

To prepare your Echo Auto you have to have the cable that connects to the power source of the car, this cable comes in the same box along with the device as it is practically a complete piece. You also have to make sure to connect to the car’s Bluetooth. It is suggested that it be higher than 4.0. With these couple of little things your Echo Auto will be ready to go.

What problems might occur in the setup and how to fix them?

When setting up your Echo Auto, three important things can happen that prevent it from adapting to your car. The first is that the Bluetooth is not the right one, i.e. it is not higher than 4.0 and in this case there could be no other solution but to change the car.

The second is that the Bluetooth of your cell phone does not work as it should and for this you just have to do a quick check and solution. And as a last problem is that the Alexa app does not want to respond, to solve this problem you have to update it to its latest version. 

What voice commands will allow you to interact with Alexa on your Echo Auto?

Alexa every day improves its commands and until today there are several that can allow you to interact with her during a trip or destination. The first of these will be the ‘Good Morning Alexa’ for which Alexa always has a pleasant response. Depending on the trip you are taking there are routing questions.

Among the route questions you can use are Alexa, What is the fastest route to get to X place, Alexa, What is the weather, Alexa, find a pharmacy. You can also choose to ask her for some music ‘Alexa, play Beatles music’, ‘Alexa, play ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen’. And so little by little you can ask or order things you want as you travel in your car. 

How to position the device inside your car so that Alexa understands you?

Make sure your Echo Auto is in a horizontal position and in a place where it does not cover the sound outlets, just as a precaution since the speakers of the devices tend to eliminate external noise and capture only the speaker’s voice.

There are bases that you can buy to adapt them to your car and that your Echo Auto is always stabilized, this never ceases to be a good option, apart from preventing it from falling and being damaged. 

How to allow another user to use your Amazon Echo Auto device?

If a person other than you uses your car, it is necessary that your phone is also inside the car so that Alexa can respond to the other person’s voice commands. This is due to the Bluetooth connection with your phone, this is why when your Bluetooth has problems it is possible that the Echo Auto will also start to present problems.