What Does The Green Circle On Twitter Mean?

What does the green circle on Twitter mean? You may have come across a great new feature when updating Twitter. Do you want to know what the green Twitter circle means? Here’s how this new tool works

More and more users are encountering Twitter’s latest great new feature when updating their applications. This social network has been getting up to speed in terms of innovation and new features, adapting the best of its competitors and now it has been Instagram who has been inspired for this latest tool available to tweeters. If you’ve opened the app and wondered what the green Twitter circle means, pay attention.

The green circle that starts appearing in both the app and the desktop version of Twitter is nothing more than the adaptation of Instagram’s best friends feature. It’s a way for tweets you post to reach a more restricted audience without the need to make your account private or delete followers to prevent them from reading these posts.

How Twitter Best Friends Work

Being a tool that many users will be familiar with having used on Instagram, there is not much complexity to know how Twitter best friends work. When you go to post a tweet, at the top left of your screen you will see a drop down tab called ‘Everyone’, which implies that your message will be accessible to all users. If you click on that tab, a menu will drop down and you will be able to choose your Twitter circle

To decide who enters your green Twitter circle, click on the ‘Edit’ button on the right and you will see your entire list of followers. You can add and remove users as you wish, depending on the message you want to send. Of course, you can only have one Twitter circle, so you will not be able to segment several to have your coworkers, close friends, relatives, etc. You can always delete and add whoever you want before each message.

How To Request Twitter Best Friends

Many users still don’t have access to this tool, so they want to know how to ask for Twitter best friends in order to get the most out of the application. This feature is being introduced gradually to all users, just as it happened at the time with the extension of the maximum character limit from 140 to 280. If you still do not have best friends, do not worry or contact Twitter, it’s a matter of time.

It is advisable to have Twitter’s automatic updates activated and to check if you have the latest version. If you leave the app without updating for a long period of time you will not see the green circles and it could even increase the vulnerability of your device for using an old version of the social network.

How To Enter Someone’s Best Friends On Twitter

Those interested in knowing how to get into someone’s best friends on Twitter can also relax, as this decision is not at all up to them. Each user decides who gets into their list of best friends. The green Twitter circles allow a maximum of 150 users to whom a message can be sent in a more private way.

There are also those who want to gossip about other users and check who they have included in their list of best friends. In principle, it will not be possible to see who is part of another user’s Twitter circle to protect the creator’s privacy, as is the case with private lists. The only way to know who is in someone else’s circle materializes when someone interacts with a tweet launched for that group with a comment or ‘like’ (retweets are not allowed), but otherwise their membership in the green circle is safe.

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