How to share an Instagram post to stories? – Without applications

Learn how to share an Instagram post to stories. If you have an instagram profile and you want to highlight some experience, image or other type of content you have the stories tool to do it. You may even want to share a post from another contact that you have seen in them. This will allow you to boost your account, making it more visible on the network.

You do not need to use additional applications or software developed by third parties that generate doubts about the security of your information. 

Remember that they have a maximum duration of 24 hours and then they will be deleted, unless you post them as a featured story, in which case they will remain on your profile until you decide to delete the photo or video posted. It is also important to note that you can only publish stories directly from your mobile device; it is not available for the PC version of the application.

How to share an Instagram post in your stories?

If the post you want to share in your stories is in the feed, you must follow one of the two options which will depend on the profile where the post is located.

Another user’s post

It is necessary to take into account that you will only be able to perform this action if the profile of the publication you want to share does not have access restrictions in case it is a private profile, only the people who are accepted by the account you want to share will be able to see the story you publish. Once this clarification has been taken into account, the steps to follow are as follows:

Open the instagram application and go to the icon to share publications (it is shaped like a paper airplane and is located below the image) and a menu will be displayed in which the first option you are presented with is to publish the content in question as a story of your profile, select it and click ‘Send’.

The publication and the editing tools will appear, in case you want to modify the publication in any way or place any additional element that you want to highlight according to your style.

Don’t forget to mention the profile from which you took it, since it is not an original publication of your property, it is always convenient to give the corresponding credit to the person who deserves it. Finally click on the thumbs up button at the top left and you’re done.

Share a post of yours

If the publication is in your feed, regardless of whether your profile is public or private, the procedure to follow is the same as mentioned in the previous section, except that the reach will depend on whether your profile is public or restricted.

It will reach as many people as this condition allows. Keep in mind that if you link your instagram and facebook accounts, whatever you post when publishing a story on one of them will automatically appear on the other.

What steps should you follow to publish an Instagram story from another user’s post?

In the previous section we saw how to share in your stories a publication that is in a feed, either your own or a third party’s. But what if you want to share a story from another user? To do this you have a couple of alternatives with which you can do it and we present it to you immediately.

Click on the message icon in the publication.

To be able to publish in your story the one made by a third party it is necessary that you are tagged in it to be able to share it, once the other person publishes the story you will receive a notification to your profile in which an icon will appear that allows you to share that publication as a story, select it and you will have it in your story automatically.

Select ‘publish in your story

The other option you have is to take a picture of the story you want to share with the buttons on the sides of your mobile, save the image in your gallery, then go to your instagram feed and select the icon of your profile picture with a ‘+’ symbol, select the saved picture, edit it according to your style, finally click on the ‘Send to’ button and you’re done.

How to add stickers or tags to an Instagram story?

You can make your stories more fun and interactive by adding a variety of stickers or tagging other users of the app.

You can also add sounds to those special moments, instagram has a very versatile editor to print your style to the stories, either by modifying the image, adding a poll, placing a question box, among others that are in addition to those mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph.

The story editor appears after having selected the content of the publication, the image to be modified is shown on the screen, at the top we have a bar with different icons that allow us to add a filter (star icon), place hashtag, time, location, mention someone, etc. (square icon with a happy face).

Make free design lines (curved line figure) or place some kind of text (icon with letters) for which there are several types of typography. Select the options you want and customize the story to your liking.

Finally when you have finished adding the effect, click on the icon that has a thumbs up to finish the section you have modified, remember that you can save the publication already modified by selecting the icon that has a down arrow and it will be saved in the gallery, to publish touch the send button and ready you will have the customized image in your story.