How to make new Twitter covers without using programs? – Personalize yourself

Learn how to make new Twitter covers without using programs. Just as books have certain basic elements that constitute them, so do social networks, which generally consist of the name of the profile owner, a chat for communication, a user profile image and a cover image.

Although these may have minimal variations. The cover images have been an element that has emerged during the advance of the networks and has become an important element of them.

In the following lines we will address the development of covers for the social network Twitter, these are usually an image that is in the header of the account, is larger than the user’s photograph and is located just behind it. Remember that this will always be visible even if your twitter account is private.

How important is a Twitter cover page?

Continuing with the analogy with a book, the cover image is important, since it is the first impression a person will have when entering our twitter profile.

It should be eye-catching, with a good quality image, not pixelated or blurred, and in accordance with the theme and the focus you want to work on in your account. It is a space that can be used to place marketing information, contact channels, etc.

Profile trustworthiness

An appropriate cover image generates confidence and security in the visitor, it invites him to continue browsing the account, as well as to interact without any fear with the owners of the same, since it provides seriousness to the profile in question.

The cover is like your clothes in the social network, it can say a lot about the people who are managing the account and a mistake in it can be very costly if it comes to business.

Attracting other users

For the algorithms of social networks is very important interaction with users of the same, this will allow you to promote yourself in the network itself, having a higher level of reach and being much more attractive to the general public.

So the cover should be refreshed from time to time, it must be impeccable and in tune with the rest of the elements of the profile. Although in the end it depends on the information you share in your tweets, do not underestimate their value.  

How to create Twitter covers without using programs?

Although there is a large amount of design software on the Internet, such as canvas, the official platform of fotojet, Adobe, among others, that can help you create the cover of your profile, here we will present a couple of options to create it without the need for additional programs.

Do it online

The first option we present you is using the twitter image editor, which you can access directly from your mobile device, where with basic tools you can improve and give a better finish to your cover image, being as modifiable as a twitter already published.

To do this load the image prior to publication and at the bottom of the same we observe two icons a pencil and a face, to edit and / or add stickers to the photo, select according to the finish you want to give to the cover. 

It is important that you respect the dimensions established by the network for the images, otherwise your cover will look flawed, will not have the professional finish you want and will be much less attractive to the general public. You should also take into account the profile image so that both the cover and the cover are designed in a harmonious way and give a professional finish.

Download covers

There is also a wide and extensive variety of image banks, as well as predesigned forms, which you can download and place on your profile, some require a fee to obtain them, but there are also many free resources that you can access.

There are also templates which you can work with starting from a simple design and adjust to the style you are looking for, all of the above can be summarized in three simple rules, adjust the size properly, sharp images of good quality and harmony with the rest of the elements of the profile. 

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