How to configure Amazon Echo Auto to Google Maps? – Alexa in your car

Find out how to configure Amazon Echo Auto to Google Maps. If you like comfort behind the wheel and being able to perform actions in an optimal and safe way when driving you can consider a great recommendation to use Amazon Echo Auto or also known as the voice assistant Alexa.

This device is designed as a virtual assistant for the car and thus enjoy its benefits such as placing a song to listen to or receive location directions when traveling with Google Maps. With this tutorial you will learn how to properly configure Amazon Echo Auto to Google Maps.

What are the options for connecting Amazon Echo Auto to the car?

There are two main options to link Amazon Echo Auto to the vehicle, which are by Bluetooth connection and through an auxiliary cable (AUX). When connected on your phone via the aforementioned tools it will use mobile data as it does not have WiFi connection.

Physical and Bluetooth connection

To properly employ these two aforementioned tools you must have the Amazon Alexa app updated to its latest version and the player must be compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 onwards and contain a charging port or USB port. To connect the Alexa assistant to the car proceed with these steps:

  • The first thing you’ll need to do is to place your Echo Auto device in a comfortable place in the car, and preferably close to you.
  • Connect the mobile device with your USB cigarette lighter adapter to the car and turn on the car. Once this is done, activate the Bluetooth connection on the phone.
  • You can select Bluetooth or auxiliary input, depending on the car’s connection.
  • If the car’s sound system does not support Bluetooth music playback, you can use the included auxiliary cable to connect the device to the player.
  • Once you have everything ready you can download the Amazon Alexa App, which must be connected to your mobile data in order to operate the device.

How to add the device in the Alexa app?

You must download the Alexa app which is free on both iOS and Android, on both it is configured in the same way as you will see below:

  • Open the app and at the bottom of the screen press on the device section.
  • In the new tab in the upper right corner, click on the Plus (+) symbol. Then click once on the option that says ‘Add a new device’.
  • Find and select the corresponding option to indicate that it is an Amazon Echo device and click on ‘Echo Auto’.
  • Finally, follow each of the installation steps indicated by the App procedure.

One of the recommendations to keep in mind is that at the end of the configuration of the application grant permission and full access to your location and microphone of the phone for best results when using it.

How to connect to Google Maps on iOS?

The Google Maps application is very useful when traveling in your car, wanting to know your route, the traffic that may be on the road, locate addresses, among other functions. The great advantage is that this application is available for all models of the iOS operating system.

The way to connect Google Maps to your iOS device is by going to the ‘Settings’ menu of the equipment, then in the section that indicates ‘General’ you must activate the ‘Location’ option. By following these steps correctly you will be ready and you will be able to successfully use the App on your iOS mobile device.

Is it possible to use Amazon Echo Auto from multiple phones?

It is possible to connect more than one phone to the Echo Auto device, although it is a bit complicated and annoying at the same time, because it has some limitations, which would be that you should not connect both phones at the same time because it would choose one at random. However, if you want to connect more than one mobile device, follow these instructions:

  • The first step is to turn on Bluetooth on the mobile device you will connect. Then start your Echo Auto and press for a few seconds on the ‘Action’ option.
  • You must hold down the button until it starts to emit an orange light.
  • Now, from the mobile device access the Alexa application and press the ‘Devices’ option.
  • In the new tab click on the plus sign (+) and select the ‘Add device’ option, then tap on ‘Amazon Echo’.
  • Finally, go to the ‘Automatic Echo’ option and follow all the instructions that the application will show you to complete the process.
  • In addition to this, you should pay attention to the phone that is connected first not to connect automatically to the device, because having two or more phones connected each time you use Echo Auto you would have to choose again your phone to use manually for the reason explained above.

If you have many devices connected, it may not recognize the one you want and for this you will have to turn off Echo Auto, turn it back on, and if it does not connect you will have to follow the process to connect your device again. 

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