Why Doesn’t Spotify Show Song Lyrics? Here Is A Guide With Solutions For Android

Why doesn’t Spotify show song lyrics? Here’s a guide with solutions for Android – Spotify is one of the most popular audio streaming services available for various platforms, including Android and was first launched back in 2008. Spotify is available in both free and paid versions and allows anyone who has registered an account to listen to their favorite songs or podcasts using any device that is compatible with the platform and is connected to the internet. A free Spotify account, as opposed to a paid one, will show advertisements and will have some limited functions, while Spotify’s paid pro subscription will have no advertisements and will allow the user access to all of the service’s features.

One of the latest features that have been introduced in the Spotify app for Android is the one that allows you to view lyrics for most music tracks. The lyrics of the song you are listening to can be partially displayed on the screen by tapping the lyrics button at the bottom once or can be displayed in full screen by tapping twice. One problem that has been encountered by several users who use the Spotify platform, however, is that the lyrics cannot be displayed or you cannot view them in full screen. If you’re also facing the same problem and want to solve it, below we’ll try to understand why Spotify doesn’t show song lyrics and what are all the solutions you can try to solve the problem.

How to view song lyrics on Spotify

If you want to use Spotify as a karaoke or you want to better understand what is being said in a piece of music you like, Spotify allows you to be able to view song lyrics, although this is not possible for all songs on Spotify. In fact, the lyrics may not be available for all songs uploaded to the platform, but every day Spotify proceed in adding new ones, so if maybe for a song you can not see the lyrics of the song, it does not mean that something is wrong, only that the lyrics have not yet been made available for that song, but it could be soon. To view song lyrics on Spotify do the following:

  • Tap the You’re Listening bar located at the bottom of the screen where you started the song on Spotify (if you’re using an Android tablet, tap the album graphic you can find in the side menu)
  • Scroll down now to view the music lyrics and their history
  • If the song doesn’t show up for just one song, while for others it does, it means that the lyrics haven’t been made available for that song yet, but that may not be the case later on.
  • If you’re experiencing the fact that Spotify isn’t able to display the lyrics of each song at all or only when you want to view them in full screen using your Android device, most likely this is due to a technical problem affecting the application. As we’ll see later, if Spotify doesn’t show song lyrics you might solve the problem with a device restart or an update or clearing the cache, other times you might have to try deleting and reinstalling the updated version of Spotify from the Google Play Store. But let’s now follow the following solutions if Spotify doesn’t show song lyrics.

Restart your smartphone

If you are experiencing problems with displaying song lyrics on Spotify, I recommend that you first restart your device. If in fact you suddenly can’t see the lyrics anymore and that maybe you could use them for a karaoke night or to better understand what a song says, the first thing I suggest you do is restart the phone. It could be that the Spotify app has gone haywire and is no longer showing the lyrics, but a restart could fix that, so proceed as follows:

  • Press the physical shutdown button on the smartphone
  • Tap the Restart button from the shutdown menu.
  • After restarting your phone, log in to Spotify and see if you can now see the lyrics again

Update Spotify to its latest available version

There might be a bug in the version of Spotify that you have installed on your phone, so you could easily fix it by updating the app to its latest available version. Always keeping your apps updated is important not only because this way you can have the new features available, but you also have a more secure app and with the bugs that were detected in previous versions that have been fixed. To update Spotify for Android proceed as follows:

  • Sign in to the Google Play Store
  • Tap on the circular icon of your profile that is next to the Search apps and games bar
  • Now go to Manage apps and device
  • Under the Available updates section, tap on View details
  • Tap on the Update button found next to Spotify. If there are updates for other apps as well, then tap the Update All button to update all apps for which a new update is available
  • Once you’ve updated the Spotify app, you can go and see if lyrics are now visible for the songs you’re interested in

Clear the cache

If the solutions just seen above didn’t allow you to show Spotify song lyrics, you can try clearing the app’s cache. Between the various updates and with the use of the Spotify app, the cache fills up more and more files that even if it happens very rarely could conflict with each other, causing the app to malfunction in the worst case. You can clear the cache and see if you can see the lyrics of the songs on Spotify correctly again:

  • Go into the Settings of your Android smartphone
  • Now go to Apps > All apps
  • Search for Spotify from the list using the search bar at the top of the screen or by scrolling through the apps alphabetically.
  • When you find Spotify, tap on it to access the app’s About screen.
  • Now tap on the Memory item and then press the Clear Cache button
  • After you’ve cleared the cache, log in to Spotify and see if song lyrics are now being shown again

Delete and reinstall the Spotify app

If the solutions seen above didn’t work, you should then delete and reinstall the Spotify app on your Android smartphone. Use this solution only if you remember your login details as you will be asked for them when you need to access the app’s content. To delete and reinstall Spotify on your Android phone, proceed as follows:

  • Log into the Google Play Store
  • Using the search bar, type Spotify and search for the app
  • Go to the Spotify page in the Play Store
  • Hit the Uninstall button
  • Once Spotify has been deleted from your Android phone, you can proceed with the reinstallation by pressing the Install button from the same Spotify Play Store page
  • Wait for the app to install, then sign in and enter the required login information
  • Check if you can now see the lyrics of Spotify songs correctly


Spotify allows you to natively display song lyrics, but sometimes this feature isn’t available for all music tracks uploaded to Spotify, while other times song lyrics aren’t available because there’s a problem with the app. Sometimes you just need to restart your device, other times clear the cache, while other times you might need to reinstall Spotify on your Android device. Whatever the reason you couldn’t view the song lyrics I hope you have now solved the problem with the solutions seen above. Until the next guide.

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