How To Solve On Tiktok Video Problems For Buffering, Playback, Delay And Failure To Load

Find out how to solve on Tiktok video problems for buffering. Today with this new guide for Android devices we will see how to fix video problems on TikTok for buffering, playback, lag and failure to load. TikTok is an ideal application for those who want to relax and need to take a carefree break after a busy day, this is because TikTok with its funny videos uploaded by users, is able to lift the mood of those who watch the most imaginative and strange movies, moreover, thanks to its algorithm, TikTok can become even more addicting by scrolling through its “For You” page, where you can find all the videos that best suit your preferences. Unfortunately, however, the videos that are on the platform don’t always run perfectly, and you can end up with frustrating buffering in a video or a lag in startup, not to mention videos that just can’t start or remain in a perpetual loading cycle. If you’re facing problems with videos with TikTok and that specifically relate to buffering, freezing, or lagging, continue reading this guide, where you’ll find several solutions that will help you if you own an Android smartphone to solve video problems on TikTok for buffering, playback, lag, and failure to load.

Check your internet connection

As a first step, if you experience problems with TikTok video playback in general, the first thing you should try to do is to make sure that your internet connection is working perfectly. In fact, if your internet connection is excessively slow, you shouldn’t be surprised if there are endless uploads involving videos, and if your internet connection is completely absent at the time you are starting a video on TikTok, it will be just impossible to get it to load and thus view it. So check the status of your data connection or the Wi-Fi connection that you are using, then check, perhaps by doing a speedtest, if the connection is traveling at a good speed. Also try switching if you have the chance, from a data connection to a Wi-Fi connection and vice versa to see if anything changes.

Reboot your phone

If your Internet connection works perfectly, is fast, and allows you to have a good speed, you can try restarting your phone if TikTok videos are giving you problems. Restarting your smartphone could easily solve the problem you are experiencing with TikTok videos, and that could depend on the application you are using, as it could depend on the phone you are using. Then press on the shutdown button on the smartphone until the shutdown menu appears, then tap the restart button and wait. Once you have restarted your smartphone, try to see if you are still experiencing problems with TikTok videos now.

Make sure if other users are also experiencing malfunctions with TikTok 

The problems you are experiencing with TikTok videos may not be directly your fault, but they may be the fault of TikTok’s servers. In this case, you will not be the only one experiencing problems with video playback on TikTok, but many other users will also be experiencing the same problem as you. To find out if there are any malfunctions that other users are also experiencing with TikTok, I recommend that you visit the TikTok page of the Downdetector website. If other people are also facing a malfunction with the Chinese social network, you will notice an eventful graph because of the many reports released, you can also leave your own report and possibly a comment. Usually if problems with videos are dependent on TikTok, they are resolved within short periods of time, so you will have to wait a few minutes to a few hours usually.

If you are using a VPN disconnect 

You may be using a VPN to connect to TikTok and it may be affecting how videos work, not loading and giving you playback problems. A VPN service can come in very handy in today’s digital world, where many things we do online are done through websites, but if a VPN is too slow, works poorly with the server you are connected to, or is configured incorrectly, it could interfere with the operation of some sites, including viewing videos in the TikTok platform. I therefore recommend that if you are using a VPN you disconnect from it and try to connect to the social network using a normal connection. If you can connect that way and no longer have problems with video playback, if you really need a VPN you can change your current one to a better one. I recommend in that case to also read the article with listed with the best VPNs for Android.

Clear the TikTok app cache

The cache is essential to make an app like Tiktok faster, but if there are files inside it that are corrupted, problems may occur, such as endless loading, inability to play a video, and more. You can then try deleting the temporary files that are in the cache and this is something you can do with confidence as these files will go on to recreate themselves with the use of TikTok. You may initially notice the TikTok app a little slower after clearing the cache, but by using the app again the files will recreate themselves and the app will once again become as fast as it once was. You can clear the TikTok cache very easily by following these steps:

  • Log in to the TikTok app
  • Log into your profile
  • Tap the icon with the three dots arranged horizontally as in the picture to open the Settings and Privacy menu
  • Now tap the Clear Cache item to clear the cache from the app
  • Clear TikTok’s cache from your Android phone’s Settings as well:
  • Go to Settings on your Android smartphone
  • Then go to Apps followed by App Management
  • Now search for the TikTok app using the search bar or by scrolling through the listed apps with your finger
  • Tap on TikTok and go to the About screen of the app
  • Tap on Archive and tap the button that says Clear Cache

Reinstall the TikTok app on your phone

Even if you’ve cleared the cache using tikTok’s in-app feature, there may still be some corrupted files left over still. The only way to delete them completely is to reinstall the TikTok app in your smartphone. I recommend to do it faster, go directly to the TikTok page on the Google Play Store, then tap the Uninstall button > Tap the Install button.


This is what you can do if you are experiencing problems with TikTok videos. Many times it is the internet connection alone that is the main problem causing endless video loading or failure to load, while still other times it may be the TikTok app that is the cause. Whatever the problem was that didn’t allow you to see the videos on TikTok I hope you have now solved it with the solutions seen above. Until the next guide.

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