What To Do If Google Pixel Buds Are Not Detected By Bluetooth [Guide].

Find out what to do if Google Pixel buds are not detected by Bluetooth. For lovers of music and privacy when they are listening to something among people, Google has created its Pixel Buds earbuds, very powerful earbuds that are highly desired by so many people. Sometimes, however, owners of the Google Pixel Buds have noticed problems with the Bluetooth pairing of the earbuds with the smartphone. Sometimes the Bluetooth pairing problem can occur very rarely, while other times it can become a pretty frequent episode, making people lose the desire to connect the earbuds to their smartphone. If you are losing hope or if even those few times when you have experienced a disconnect annoys you, this guide will hopefully help you as it will tell you what to do if the Google Pixel Buds are not detected by Bluetooth.

Google Pixel Buds, are earbuds that work via a Bluetooth connection and can be connected to compatible devices, such as Android smartphones of course, but also computers, tablets, and other compatible devices that make use of a wireless connection to pair multiple devices. Generally, users are comfortable with Google Pixel Buds earbuds and do not experience any problems pairing via Bluetooth with their smartphone, but there are always the exceptions, with something that might not go as expected, which is precisely why, this guide, will help you find the cause why Google Pixel Buds are not being detected by Bluetooth and sometimes it might be due to a damaged earbuds, other times it might simply be the earbuds being drained, and other times it might be the smartphone that is having problems with Bluetooth. Whatever the cause, we will see what to do if Google Pixel Buds are not detected by Bluetooth and to finally fix the problem once and for all.

Make sure the earbuds are working and that they have a battery with a sufficient amount of charge

You should make sure that the Google Pixel Buds earbuds are not faulty and have a sufficient amount of charge to be connected to a smartphone, otherwise it will be virtually impossible to be able to pair them with the smartphone. Proceed as follows to ensure that the earbuds have sufficient charge and can thus work:

  • With the earbuds inside, plug the charging case into the USB outlet, then charge it by plugging it into a wall outlet or other source
  • Then remove the earbud from its housing
  • Insert an earbud into its charging housing and see if its LED starts flashing
  • If the led flashes, it means the headset is not faulty, so you can attempt to connect it to your smartphone
  • Activate Bluetooth, then once the earbuds are detected proceed with their pairing with the Android smartphone
  • What to do if Google Pixel Buds are not detected by Bluetooth: make sure to use the earbuds not too far away from the smartphone

Google Pixel Buds, are earbuds that work with a wireless connection and cannot communicate with a smartphone if you go beyond a certain distance. So if you have trouble connecting the earbuds with your smartphone and the two devices are located far apart (e.g. smartphone in the second floor and you with the earbuds in the backyard on the ground floor), you cannot pair them, as you can only pair the devices if you are within their range. Try to connect only when earbuds and smartphones are within 5-10 meters of each other.

If the Google Pixel Buds earbuds are not found by the smartphone

You need to make sure if your Google Pixel Buds are not being detected, that the pairing procedure is being done the right way. If you have connected your earbuds to your smartphone in the past, but now you cannot pair them because they do not show up after a scan, try the following steps:

  • From your smartphone, lower the status bar by sliding your finger across the screen from top to bottom, then long-press on the Bluetooth icon or alternatively:
  • Go to Settings on your Android phone.
  • Then enter Bluetooth
  • Activate Bluetooth with the Bluetooth switch
  • From under the Paired Devices section, you should see a list with the names of all the devices you have paired your smartphone with using the Bluetooth connection. Looking at the list, you should also find the name of the Google Pixel Buds headphones.
  • Once you find the Pixel Buds earbuds in the list of Bluetooth devices you have connected, hold down their name with your finger until a menu with different settings appears. On other Android smartphones, however, you may need to press directly on the gear icon as in the figureĀ 
  • Then tap on the Dissociate button
  • Now leave the charging case open with the Google Pixel Buds that are placed inside it
  • Tap on the Google Pixel Buds pairing button for 3 seconds, at which point the earbuds’ LEDs should start flashing. This means that the earbuds are ready to be paired with the smartphone
  • Make sure that Bluetooth is still on on the smartphone, go into Settings > Bluetooth and start scanning for the Google Pixel Buds
  • At this point you should be able to detect the headsets, proceed with pairing with the smartphone

if you noticed that one headset is working fine while the other is not

If you have noticed that one of the Google Pixel Buds works properly by emitting sounds while the other one is silent and does not emit sounds, it means that there is most likely a problem at the battery level. The thing you can do is to disconnect the earbuds from Bluetooth and insert them into their charging case, then wait until both earbuds are fully charged. Once the earbuds have charged, try connecting them via Bluetooth to your smartphone and if the problem was regarding the remaining battery charge, you should now hear sounds from both earbuds.

if you still find it impossible to connect the earbuds to your smartphone

You’ve tried the solutions seen above but nothing, either the Google Pixel Buds don’t want to know how to pair with your Android smartphone or you can pair them but they disconnect all the time and you’ve noticed that this happens to you only with the Google Pixel Buds, not with other Bluetooth devices you’ve connected to. What you can try to do, if you have made sure that the earbuds are working properly, is to restore the earbuds to their factory state. As you proceed, however, you should know that by restoring the earbuds to factory state you will erase all the data and name associated with the device and pairing history. To perform the Google Pixel Buds earbuds reset proceed as follows:

  • First connect the charging case to a power source.
  • Then take the Google Pixel Buds earbuds and place them inside the charging case
  • Now press the pairing button for more than 35 seconds and check the color of the led indicator light on the earbuds:
  • Led indicator light that lights up white and orange: means the earbuds are resetting
  • Led indicator light glowing white only: now the earbuds are in pairing mode and can be connected via Bluetooth to the smartphone

faulty earbuds

Try connecting your Google Pixel Buds earbuds to another smartphone or computer; if you see that they still don’t work, they may be faulty. In that case, I recommend you contact Google support to point out the problem, especially if they are still under warranty.


Google Pixel Buds earbuds generally don’t give problems when it comes to having to be paired with an Android smartphone or other compatible devices that uses Bluetooth, but sometimes something could go wrong. If you have encountered problems with pairing Google Pixel Buds earbuds with your smartphone, I hope these solutions seen above have helped you. Until the next guide

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