How to use Google Chromes built in virus scanner – Remove malware

Learn how to use Google Chromes built in virus scanner. Although many do not know it, surfing the Internet through Google Chrome, today has become very safe, since it has its own antivirus, which can help you detect viruses that can damage your computer. 

In addition, this function is not visible to users, since it is invisible; however, it is very important to clarify that this antivirus system of Google Chrome, is only available on devices that have Windows operating system. 

But Google has other alternatives for other operating systems, so that they can get the Google antivirus in their browser. Now, to be able to use this Google Chrome antivirus, it is essential that you follow the instructions that you are going to mention below.

What is the way to enable the antivirus extension in Google Chrome?

In order to enable the Google Chrome antivirus extension, the first thing you must do is enter your browser, after that, you must go to the options located at the top right of the screen, just in the three dots that are there.

After you are located here, you are going to go where it says more tools, then you are going to give him where it says extensions, Once here you will look for some extension of antivirus. 

After you find the extension, you must go to the option where it says add to Google Chrome; however, there is another way to search for this type of antivirus, which is by entering the following web address chrome://settings/cleanup, which will redirect you to the option to search for malware in your browser.

Once it identifies the malware in your browser, you will have the option to remove it and clean your computer. However, while you are browsing this page, and by mistake the page closes. Using this type of browser, you can retrieve the page that was closed by using a keyboard shortcut; this way you can find the page again and start cleaning your computer.

How to remove pop-up virus in Google Chrome?

We know that many times when we are browsing in our browser, sometimes pop-up ads appear; which may contain viruses that we do not want to infect our computer.

However, Google always thinks about its users, and it has allowed that while navigating in the same one, they can block these pop-up windows, this way we can navigate in a safe way in Internet, it is for this reason that we are going to give you the following steps, so that you know how to configure these functions in Google Chrome.

From Google Chrome on your Windows PC or Mac

If you do it directly from your computer, the first thing to do is to go to the Google Chrome browser; and then go to its settings located at the top right where the three dots are.

Further on, you will have to click on the settings option, then on the privacy and security option, followed by clicking on the site settings. 

After you are inside the sites configuration, you will have to click on the additional content configuration option, then, you will click on ads. Next, you will have to determine how you want to configure your default settings; this way you will be able to eliminate those pop-ups and protect your computer.

Using Google Chrome on your Android or iOS cell phone

If you are using your cell phone, and you want to remove those pop-ups, the first thing to do is to enter your Google Chrome browser, after this you will go to the page that you feel that send you too many notifications, and you will give the option of the three dots; located at the top of the screen.

Then, you will get information and then you will have to press the site settings option; then you will go to the permissions management, then notifications; here you can enable and disable the notifications of that page, and in this way you will no longer have to deal with these annoying notifications or ads.

In this way, you will be able to use Google tools, such as voice search like Google Voice, without having to deal with the entry of ads that could damage the operating system of your phone or computer.

How to download Google Chrome antivirus if your phone does not include it?

The Google Chrome antivirus, usually is always by default in your Google applications; but to verify that your phone has it activated or not.

The first thing you should do is to enter your Google Play, then to your profile, then you will click on Play protect, and you should check if your phone has the Play protect certificate, if it does not have it you should do the following steps: 

You must first go to the Google Play application, then you must illicit your profile and after this you will give it in Play protect, after you give it here you must give it in the configuration of the same.

Once inside your settings, you will notice that there are some options to enable and disable, this way you can control Google’s protection against malicious applications, however, it is very important to tell you that you must keep it active to protect your phone.

Why can’t you remove the virus correctly from your Google Chrome browser?

The Google antivirus may not be able to remove the virus correctly from your browser because you have an infected application on your computer or phone that is interfering with the antivirus system of the same, so it does not allow you to remove the virus completely.

That is why it is important that apart from having the Google Chrome antivirus, you also have an external one on your computer or phone; in this way you can doubly protect your device and remove the virus.

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