How do I know if someone has intercepted my calls and is listening to them? – Android or iOS

It has become very common among users of mobile devices the intercepted my calls that are made or received in them, this in order to spy on your privacy, if you think you are being a victim of an intersection in your calls do not worry in the following article we will tell you how to know if they spy on your mobile with any program and how to solve it in case of being positive suspicion.

What signs do cell phones with intercepted calls give?

Some of the signs that indicate that a cell phone has intercepted calls are shown below:

They get stuck without having applications open.

If you are on a call and it sticks or the screen flashes (turns on and off very quickly) even if you do not have applications open is a sign that your calls are being intercepted, however, call interceptions also indicate that the device storage is very full try getting space to see if the problem is eliminated.

Excessive battery consumption

If your phone is consuming its battery excessively for no apparent reason it is because your device is running some kind of software that is analyzing your calls which in turn causes your mobile device’s battery to drain unusually and this is because this kind of software is all the time active studying calls and sending reports of them permanently.

From the battery section of your device you can find out which is the software that intercepts your calls is very simple, the first thing to do is to enter the battery section in it look for which is the software that consumes more and if this is not one that you have installed is the software switch. If you get any we recommend you delete the application.

Messages that are not from the owner of the mobile

Another sign that indicates that calls made on your device are being intercepted by a software is the receipt of messages with codes, commands or strange numbers from phone numbers of people you do not know. Usually software interceptors send messages with strange codes and numbers to the devices on which they are installed.

How can I detect spyware on my cell phone?

If you have doubts that you have spyware on your device apply a detector software, below we will show you one for each operating system:

Get rid of spyware with PlayProtect on Android.

By default devices with Android operating system bring with them the PlayProtect application which is responsible for protecting your device from any malicious application, this application is activated, but the software call switches make this activation is removed.

To verify that this application is active, go to the Play Store, open the menu on the side, then open the list of applications, in it look for the PlayProtect application when you get it open it.

If inside the PlayProtect application window there is a red icon in the activation section, it is because it is deactivated, if so, you should. We recommend that you make an analysis, for it you only have to press on the option to apply analysis, if you are warned that there is some problem it applies the recommendations that the same application will give you.

Install Cydia on iPhone and say goodbye to spyware

Install on your iPhone Cydia to download an application that prevents you from spying on the calls you make or you do, the procedure to achieve this installation is as follows:

  1. The first thing to do is to open the Safari browser, one of the best internet browsers.
  2. In the search engine type
  3. Click on the web option in the middle.
  4. Open the menu at the bottom, select the Jailbreak option.
  5. Search in the list that will show you the official UncOver option, click on it, followed by the Get option.
  6. After the installation, open the UncOver application, first you must activate the airplane mode on your device.
  7. Inside the application click on the Jailbreak option.
  8. In the pop-up message that will be displayed click on accept, after this your device will restart and you will find in the menu the Cydia application. If Cydia is not installed, close the previously installed application and perform the procedure again. If it still doesn’t work, install Cydia from your PC.
  9. When the Cydia application is installed open it and in the search box type applocker.
  10. As a result of the search you will be given the applocker application (check that it is available for your device), if it is available for your device click on it and then select the Install option.
  11. When the installation is complete go to the settings of your device, to enter them you must press on the gear icon in the menu.
  12. In the settings look for the applocker application, this will be displayed as a session, click on it.
  13. In the new window the application is enabled.
  14. Add password if you want, just go to the general section. After all this your device will be protected from any spyware.
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