How To Change My Sexual Orientation On Tinder | Guide

Many users have wondered how to change my sexual orientation on Tinder. Find out how you can set up your profile in detail.

Dating and matchmaking applications base their success on their adaptability to the user, so it is interesting to know how to change my sexual orientation on Tinder. Depending on how we set up our profile, we will be shown other users who may have greater affinity, so it is important to handle the various options available to us in the application settings.

One of the most important factors to get suitable matches is to determine our sexual orientation. Although when installing the application we set an option, users usually do not spend much time to look at each option in these first steps, but in Tinder we can change our sexual orientation whenever we want.

To access the settings of our Tinder profile, we just have to press on our profile picture that appears at the top left of the screen when we open the application. Once in our profile, on the right we have the option ‘Edit info’. We enter there and look for the ‘Sexual orientation’ section, where we can set up to three different options, as well as the possibility that this information is visible when another user visits our profile. There are up to nine different alternatives with which Tinder tries to adapt to the vast majority of its audience.

How To Change My Interests On Tinder

Another important factor is to find out how to change my interests on Tinder. It is very likely that what we were passionate about a year ago today we are bored, so it is not strange at all that we want to change the information in this section. Again, we will have to access ‘Edit info’ in our profile to be able to modify it.

In this case, when entering ‘Interests’, we will be able to choose up to five hobbies from a list predefined by Tinder. It would be appreciated if users could write their interests themselves, as the available options are limited. It’s all very well for athletics lovers to be able to include it in their profile, but what about curling lovers? These people will have to add this hobby in the ‘About me’ section, having to spend part of the 500 characters of their profile description.

How To Change My Age On Tinder

Currently, there is no procedure on how to change my age on Tinder. Above we have explained the importance of paying attention to details when installing an application, and it is precisely to avoid problems like this: Tinder allows you to change neither your name nor your age once you have completed the registration.

What is the solution? There are two possible alternatives: either you enter ‘Edit info’, scroll to the bottom of the menu and activate the option ‘Do not show my age’ or you opt for the most radical way: create a new profile from scratch. If you have already spent some time on the application and have some active matches and conversations, it may not be the most pragmatic thing to do, as you would lose everything when creating a new profile. Our advice: maximum attention from the first setup when installing the Tinder app.

How To Say I Don’t Smoke On Tinder

Another very important aspect that users of the application want to know is how to put that I do not smoke on Tinder. This detail may seem banal, but the fact that a person is a smoker or not is a prerequisite for many when looking for new friends or a relationship, so it is convenient to know where we can include that information.

When we go to ‘Edit info’, we will find a section called ‘Do you smoke’. There we will be able to specify if we are regular smokers, sporadic smokers or if we are totally away from cigarettes, cigars, shishas and other smoking items.

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