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Find out how to close all Safari tabs at the same time and automatically. Safari is a browser, developed by the multinational company Apple, for its macOS computers and iOS systems, that is, its cell phones. Its emblematic name is due to the explorer spirit that accompanies the company, which identifies itself in exploring beyond what your eyes can see. 

Now, many of us have ever been inside this browser, but when it comes to exit it and close all the tabs, we do not know how to do it, since in many occasions this function is not clearly visible in the browser. 

It was for this reason that today we decided to create this guide so that you can learn how to close all these tabs and become an expert in it.

How to close Safari tabs on iOS devices?

The tabs of the safari browser, are all the web pages that we have open on our devices, in addition, the system is designed so that the user can navigate in different websites, quickly and comfortably.

Well, to be able to close all these tabs, you must take into account that you must have the safari browser downloaded and installed on your mobile device, then you must perform the following steps:

On the iPhone mobile device

To close one or all the tabs of the safari browser from your mobile, you must enter your browser, and enter the web page, after this you are going to give where they appear a couple of squares, 🔳 in the upper right corner of the screen. 

Once the options menu appears, you will have the possibility to close all tabs and open a new tab in private, this way, you will be able to navigate safely without anyone knowing what you were doing. 

On MAC from iPhone

If you are going to close all open tabs from your Mac computer, the first thing to keep in mind is that you must have updated your browser, so that it does not present failures when you are browsing. 

Now, to be able to close all the tabs, when you finish your research or search on the Internet. You must give right click, or Control + Click, in the web page that you want to maintain opened. 

Once they appear the menu of options, you will have to give click in where it says to close all the tabs of this form it will close all except the one that you have open. 

But if you want to close all in definitive, you will have to give click to the red ✖, that is in the left superior part of the screen, where it is going to ask you that if you want to close all the tabs, reason why you will have to give him in close all; if the pages will be closed, and you will leave immediately the navigator.

How to close Safari tabs automatically on my cell phone?

To be able to close all the tabs of your browser from your cell phone, you can apply the steps that we mentioned above; however, you can do it in other ways which I will explain below:


If you want to close the tabs one by one manually, you can click on the option already mentioned which is 🔳, which only touching here, you will see all the tabs you have open, then, you will notice that these tabs have a ✖ on the side of it, so proceed to touch on it, and automatically closes the page, in the same way, you can use with the other tabs.

After one day

This function, you can do it through the safari application settings, which consists of, enter the mobile settings, then you go to safari later, tap on tabs, and indicate after a day; in this way the browser will automatically close all the tabs you have open on your phone.

Leave things as they are

But if you do not want to close the tabs, because you consider that they are very important to you, you can leave them as they are, and when you open a new one if you wish, you will already know how to close it.

After a week

So, as we did to configure the browser to automatically close the tabs after a day, we must do this step, but the only difference is that here, you must choose the option after a week, this way the open windows will be closed when the week passes.

When these options appear, you are going to press the option to close all the tabs, this way all the tabs will be closed automatically. 

On the other hand, this browser can not only be installed on iOS or Mac devices, as it can also be downloaded on Android, if you have the most powerful browser in the world also on your Android phone. 

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