How To Solve Google Pixel 6a Touch Screen Problems [Guide]

Solve Google Pixel 6a touch screen problems with this guide. Today we will see with this guide how to solve the touch screen problems of the Google Pixel 6A. For many, the Google Pixel 6A is considered one of the best smartphones of 2022, this is because it comes with a great top-of-the-line processor and of course the latest version of the Android operating system. However, there are some users who have experienced several problems related to the operation of the smartphone’s touch screen. Several owners of the Google Pixel 6A, claim that according to them the touch is no longer well calibrated and sensitive, does not work properly or there are ghost touch problems. These are usually temporary problems and are dependent on the software being down and in the vast majority of cases, disappear once the Google Pixel 6A is restarted. However, if the problem persists even after rebooting the device, the problem may be more serious than expected or there may even be a fault affecting the smartphone hardware. If you are also facing one or more problems with the touch screen of the Google Pixel 6A, continue reading this guide where you will find all the solutions that have worked best with users.

The Google Pixel 6A is a respectable phone that was recently launched and is likely to need, like all other devices that have recently gone on sale, various updates to improve its performance and exploit the full potential of its hardware. Some users complain of bugs with the touch screen, and although sometimes there may be a hardware problem for which it would be best to take the device to a center to enforce the warranty, other times the touch screen does not work properly because perhaps some accessory has been fitted that prevents the touch from responding properly, such as an unsuitable film or a type of protective cover containing metal. But let’s see below how to fix Google Pixel 6A touch screen problems with the solutions below.

restart the smartphone

The first thing you should do if you experience a problem with the touch screen of your smartphone is to restart the device. Usually, the touch screen might behave abnormally in case of technical problems affecting the device’s software gone haywire for who knows what reason, but such problems might disappear with an Android restart. If it is not really a problem that has appeared temporarily, problems affecting the touch screen might appear again after a while, at least until the bug is fixed at the software level. Restarting the smartphone, however, if it is not that there is a serious problem at the software or hardware level, should allow you to fix the touch screen problem. Then long press on the phone’s power button and proceed to reboot the Pixel 6A. After the restart, test the device’s touch screen. If the problem recurs, then move on to the next solution.

increase touch screen sensitivity

Another thing you can do if you feel the touch screen is not immediate and unresponsive is to increase the touch sensitivity of the screen. Several people have managed to improve the touch sensitivity of the screen by activating the screen touch sensitivity boost, so I recommend you try it too. Particularly if you mount a film on your screen, want to keep it, and have noticed that the touch has lost sensitivity since you mounted it, you can try the following:

  • Go to Settings on the Google Pixel 6A
  • Then go to Display
  • Turn on screen sensitivity enhancement
  • How to fix touch screen problems on the Google Pixel 6A: remove the screen protector

A screen protector can help protect the screen of the Google Pixel 6A from scratches and bumps, but it could also lead to problems with the touch screen, which may be slower in recognizing touches or not recognize them at all due to worsening sensitivity. The Google Pixel 6A already mounts a fairly durable screen that does not require the mounting of a screen protector, despite this however, many users still prefer to mount a screen protector to the screen for added security.

The problem though, even if you have already followed the previous section to increase the sensitivity of the screen, is that with an unsuitable film, perhaps too thick, you might have problems with the touch screen losing sensitivity, so you might have problems not only with touches, but also with fingerprint recognition. Use only films suitable for use with screens having fingerprint recognition under the display, although the best thing to do would be not to use any film at all, but if you really want to have one, choose one suitable for the Pixel 6A.

remove the cover

If you are using a protective cover that has metal parts such as aluminum or copper, you may experience touch screen malfunctions on the Google Pixel 6A. You should therefore remove this kind of cover if you mount one and test the operation of the smartphone’s touch screen without it. If you notice that the touch screen of the Google Pixel 6A works fine after you remove the protective cover, you can leave it without it or if you still want to have a protection that avoids scratches and breakage in case of drops, you can buy a cover specifically for the Google Pixel 6A made, however, of silicone, TPU or plastic, as these are much more suitable materials for use on smartphones having a capacitive touch screen.

check for hardware problems

The touch screen of your Google Pixel 6A may have also stopped working properly due to a hardware problem affecting it. Using a special application, you will be able to test whether all the touch parts of the screen are working, and then you can test to see if there are any areas that are not working. There are several applications that allow you to test the functioning of the touch screen, including Display Tester, a very easy-to-use app that will provide you with all the tests you need to understand whether or not your touch screen is working properly. If you notice that there are abnormalities and therefore the touch screen is defective, especially if your device is still under warranty, you should contact a service center nearest to you to report the problem.

turn off the accessibility feature

The accessibility feature if enabled on the Google Pixel 6A, could be the cause of the problem you are experiencing with the touch screen. It is most likely that the problem you are experiencing with the touch is a bug associated with the accessibility service with the “canPerformGesture” permission. The issue has been raised with Google and the developers are currently working on it. Until an official solution is found to fix the bug, you can disable accessibility services to avoid such problems by following these steps:

  • Open the Settings app 
  • Go to accessibility settings
  • Make sure to disable voice access, accessibility shortcut, and any other accessibility apps, features, or services

update firmware to the latest version released by Google

If you experience a problem with the touch screen on the Google Pixel 6A and notice that other users are also complaining of the same problem as you, it may be a software-side bug, which can then be fixed with a firmware update. If the bug with the screen is general and Google is aware of it, it will no doubt release a new update to fix it on all Pixel 6As. So all you have to do is wait for the notification of the new update and proceed with its download and installation. Unfortunately, however, it is not easy to tell when a new update with the bug fix will be released, what is certain, however, is that it will be released by Google as soon as possible.

restore the device to factory state

If the problem with the touch screen continues and you still can’t solve it, you can try as a solution before seeking service, to restore the Google Pixel 6A to its factory state. There might be some corrupted files that prevent the touch screen from working properly, but a reset of the operating system to factory state might solve it. You should make a backup before resetting the smartphone, that way you won’t lose the most important data you want to keep. Then proceed with the reset to factory state and check if the touch screen now responds properly to finger touch.

contact a service center

If none of the solutions seen above helped you, not even restoring the operating system to its factory state, it is likely that the problem is due to a hardware failure of the screen rather than a software problem. If this is the case, it is best to contact Google’s official support team and book an appointment at an authorized repair service center or go directly to the location. In case your Google Pixel 6A is still within the warranty period, you can enjoy free repair of the device.


If you are facing problems with the touch screen of your Google Pixel 6A, the solutions seen above should have helped you solve the problem permanently. Sometimes a reboot of the smartphone may be enough to fix the problem with the touch screen, while other times the problem may be at the software level and a new update or a phone reset may be necessary. Then there are also cases where you fit a protective film or a cover that is not suitable for the screen operation of the Google Pixel 6A, and finally there could be hardware problems that only a service center is able to solve and where I recommend you go if the smartphone is still under warranty. See you next guide.

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