How To Use Telegram As A Cloud Or Free Storage

Do you want to have a backup of your files to always access from wherever you want? We show you how to use Telegram as a cloud.

Most of us know Telegram as an alternative to WhatsApp to send instant messages. What many do not know is how to use Telegram as a cloud.

The Telegram cloud is nothing more than a chat with yourself, to which you can send all the files you want and always have them available.

Through this simple method, you can have unlimited storage for all the files you want, and also completely free. The only limitation you have in this regard is that the maximum file size is 1.5GB. But as long as each file is under this weight, you can store everything you want without having to pay for it.

It will not allow us to have the files stored in folders as in other apps like Google Photos, but at least you can have a copy of them easily and for free.

How Telegram Storage Works

If you’re wondering how Telegram storage works, you’ll be glad to know that it’s as simple as creating a new chat with yourself. Or, if you prefer, you can also create a private channel or group and not share it with anyone. This way you can create several and use them as folders, so you can have your files more organized. Once you have created the group or channel, it is time to upload files.

When you later want to access those files from another device, you only have to log in to Telegram and enter the corresponding group to download what you need.

Where Telegram Content Is Saved

If you have saved your files in a chat with yourself so that they are all in the same place, you will need to search for Saved Messages. To do this, you can use the search engine or scroll down to the menu bar on the left side of the app. There you will find a file in the shape of a cloud or a label. When you click on it, you will find all the contents you have stored.

If you have uploaded the files through a group or a channel, you will have to search for the name of the channel or group to find them. To do this you can scroll through the conversations or find them a little faster using the search engine.

How To Access The Telegram Cloud

To access the Telegram cloud from a device that is not the same one on which you have the original files, you simply have to log in on the device you want. Then you will have to follow the steps we have explained in the previous section to know where each of the contents is. Simply by clicking on the file you are interested in, you can open or download it. The files will always appear in reverse chronological order, that is to say, the newest ones will appear at the beginning, and if you want to look for one that you uploaded some time ago you will have to scroll or use the search engine.

How To Search For Files In Telegram

If you are wondering how to search for files in Telegram, in principle it is as simple as clicking on the magnifying glass icon. There you will have to enter the name of the file you want to find, and the application will search for it almost instantly. In case you have several files with the same or similar names, you may need to specify a little more using the advanced search.

In the advanced search you can go to the File tab, where all messages with attachments will be grouped together. You can also use the tabs to search only for multimedia files. The search engine works quite well and you should have no problems finding what you need.

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