11 Filters That Make You Look Like You’re Crying On Instagram And Tiktok.

Want your followers to think you’re sad? These filters that look like you’re crying with on Instagram and TikTok are what you need.

Showing yourself crying on social networks has become a “trend” in recent months. There are people who have decided to show their most vulnerable side and not hide their sad moments on platforms that usually show a feigned happiness. But there are also those who, either to deceive their followers or simply as a joke, do not cry for real, but pretend to. To do so, they use filters that make it look like you are crying on Instagram and TikTok. If you are considering using any of them to fool or play a joke on your followers, these are some filters you can choose from.

Filters For Instagram

  • Cry: This filter for your Instagram stories puts tears under your eyes so it looks like you’re crying. It even makes your eyes and nose turn red as if you`ve been crying for real, offering a pretty realistic effect.
  • It`s OK to cry: In the same style as the previous one, this filter puts some tears under your eyes so that it looks like you are crying. It`s not as realistic as the previous one, but it`s ideal if you want to give your followers the message that you`re sad at that moment. The tears appear just below the eyes, instead of rolling down the cheeks as in others.
  • CryButStillBeautiful: This filter is not intended to be realistic, but rather to give a manga touch to your stories. When you apply it, tears will appear under your eyes and a band-aid over your nose, so you can show your followers your suffering in a fun way.
  • Cry Baby: Want to make it look like you’ve been crying so much that your mascara has run? Then this is the filter you need. Black tears will roll down your cheeks as if you’ve been crying your eyes out while wearing makeup.
  • Just cried: This filter doesn’t make it look like you’re crying, but pretends that you’ve just had enough of crying. It will turn your eyes red as if you’ve been letting your tears fall for a long time until you can’t cry anymore.

Filters For Tiktok

  • NoDiva: With this TikTok filter you’ll be able to see a sea of tears coming out of your eyes, making the effect that you’re crying your eyes out.
  • Crying Face: This filter will also cause a cry on your face. At first you will be able to see just a few small tears coming towards your eyes. But once a few seconds pass you will see those tears come out with force as if it were a real burst of tears. It’s not overly realistic, but it’s very endearing for sharing your complaints about something.
  • Crying with mascara: Just like the one we’ve discussed for Instagram, in this filter it will look like you’ve been crying so hard that your mascara has run.
  • Crying: This is probably one of the most realistic filters to make it look like you’re crying. The result is really spectacular.
  • Crying: This is actually a filter for Snapchat, but you can also use it on other social networks like TikTok or Instagram. Like the previous ones, what it does is the effect that you are crying even though deep down you are perfectly happy. Just by applying this filter you will see how tears appear under your eyes and your face is as sad as if you were in the middle of a drama.
  • Sad Face: Again we are faced with a Snapchat filter that we can use in TikTok if we want and if we give the appropriate permissions. This filter is not limited to putting some tears under our eyes, but also puts a sad face to make it look like the tears we are shedding in our video are totally real.

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