Krita, the free digital painting software, is now in version 5; what’s new?

Krita offers us a major new update, full of improvements and innovative new features already available for download.

The free and open-source digital painting software changes its look by redesigning its main features for version 5.0, including new features such as video recording of your painting workshops.

The new features of version 5.0 finally deployed

Krita is a kind of 2D animation and painting workshop developed by KDE, offering a wide range of tools adapted to artistic expression, illustration, comics, as well as to the creation of textures and digital paintings.

Now in version 5.0, this free digital application has been completely redesigned, improving its painting tools, developing other features and gaining speed.

Deployed only a few months after the previous version, this new update is currently available for download on the official Krita website for Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems.

Improvements and new features

Let’s start with the new features: Krita now benefits from a storyboard editor but also from the total rewriting of Mypaint tools, integrating a new brush engine. Finally, video recording of drawing sessions has finally become possible. The animation system also undergoes some changes, with new features such as image cloning and new transformation masks.

In terms of improved functionality, everything has been optimized in version 5.0, including brush management, labeling and palettes. For example, gradients are more fluid, with a wider range generated. On the performance side, this new update makes the application more reliable and above all much faster by using less memory on the device.

Buyers of the official version of the application in repository stores such as the Epic Store, the Windows Store or Google Play will receive the update once the store application is processed. Note that until January 10, Krita 5.0 will remain on sale at its original price, so you might as well take advantage of it!

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