This item is not available in your country, why can’t I download WhatsApp?

Can’t download WhatsApp? It may be due to this country limitation. We tell you how to bypass it.

You go to Google Play Store to download WhatsApp and, bang, you get the message “this item is not available in your country”. But what could have happened? If everything is in English, your new mobile is correctly configured and you have everything as it should be, what’s the problem? And most importantly: how do I download WhatsApp? Do not worry because in this article we will solve all your doubts and problems.

This item is not available in your country


The first thing you should know is that this warning message appears on Google Play Store, Google’s app, and game store when some item has regional limitations. That is when it is available only for some countries and not globally. This may be due to copyright or reproduction rights issues, as well as other commercial or creative reasons. In other words, some applications and games are only released in some countries or banned in others. Thus, they may appear in the Google Play Store when you search for them, but they cannot be downloaded and installed. The message “this item is not available in your country” will appear.

It is common to find this message that this item is not available in your country when they make staggered releases of a game. For example, I can leave here the link of Tomb Raider Reloaded for you to click on it and go to the Google Play Store. However, as it has not yet (at the time of publication of this article) been released globally, you will find the above message. So, the game is available on the Google Play Store, but only in certain regions. Spain is not one of them, so you will see the label “this item is not available in your country”.

How to install WhatsApp if this item is not available in my country

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The WhatsApp messaging application is usually available globally. That is, everyone with an Android phone and access to Google Play Store should be able to access it without problems. Without getting the message that this item is not available in your country. But, if this is the case, you always have an extra option to get WhatsApp directly, easily, and for free. Just forget about the Google Play Store.

And is that to skip the regional restrictions you must directly skip the step of downloading WhatsApp from the Google Play Store and go to a known repository on the Internet. Or, better yet, directly to the WhatsApp website, where they always have the APK file with the most updated version of your application. Sometimes even before taking it to the Google app store. Check out these steps.

  1. Go to the official WhatsApp download website.
  2. Click on Download Now to start downloading the APK file that will have the latest version of WhatsApp for our Android mobile.
  3. Accept the download and wait a few seconds for the file to arrive completely at your terminal. The time may be longer depending on the capacity of your mobile and your Internet connection.
  4. Click on the Open option that appears in the Internet browser to start the installation of the WhatsApp APK file.
  5. If this is the first time you install an application from outside the Google Play Store you will need to enable special permission for unknown sources. The process is guided once you click on the Open button in the browser. If it is not the first time, you will automatically go to the next step.
  6. A screen will appear from which you can choose if you want to install the application. Click on Install and wait a couple of seconds for this process to take place. It is completely automatic.

And that’s it. Thanks to these steps you can get the WhatsApp application without depending on Google Play Store. Which in turn means not being restricted by regional limitations. Goodbye to the message “this item is not available in your country”.

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