Whatsapp and Google play error 413: what happens and how to fix it

WhatsApp sometimes gives errors. If you have a problem with WhatsApp and Google Play Error 413 we tell you how to fix it.

WhatsApp does not install. Google Play does not let me download WhatsApp. WhatsApp closes with an error message… Technology sometimes has bugs and errors. And it is very likely that, if you have come this far, you have encountered one in WhatApp or Google Play Store when downloading this application. If it’s WhatsApp and Google Play error 413 the best thing you can do is take a deep breath and follow this tutorial to fix it. Let nothing separate you from using the messaging application to talk to anyone you want from your Android phone

Can’t install WhatsApp on Android: error 413

The first thing I have to tell you about WhatsApp error 413 is that it is not really a problem with the messaging app. Most likely it has to do with Google Play Store and your Google account on the phone. But for a number of circumstances, they have ended up putting a dent in the proper functioning of WhatsApp. Or that it simply prevents you from downloading and installing WhatsApp. Or even update the app. Be that as it may, there is a solution suggested by the WhatsApp company itself. This is:

  • You’ll have to delete your Google account from your phone’s settings. Don’t worry, you won’t delete your information stored in the cloud and associated with this account. You will only delete it from the phone to try to reset all the settings and return the correct operation to the terminal. Go to Settings, look for Users and Accounts at the bottom of the list, click Google, enter the account that is giving you problems, and select Delete account.
  • Restart your phone. Turn it off completely and wait 30 seconds before restarting it again.
  • Re-add the Google account you deleted in the first step. Go to Users and Accounts, enter Google and click on add. You will have to specify the Google email (Gmail), the password, and the security code if you have it.
  • Now it’s time to clear the Google Play Store cache, which will completely solve the problem. To do this go to the mobile Settings and look for the Apps section. Here you will have the list of apps, among which is the Google Play Store. Within it click on Storage and choose Delete cache.
  • Also, delete the data of the rest of the application to be able to restart it completely. Go to the Data section within the application in the settings of your mobile, as you have done with the cache, and choose Delete data.
  • Try to download WhatsApp again after all this process.

With all this WhatsApp and Google Play error 413 should be fixed. In this way, the error will not appear every time you try to download a WhatsApp update or install the application itself if you did not already have it. Error 413, probably associated with the performance of Google Play Store or your Google account, would be resolved by restarting all these sections. And is that restarting the mobile and freeing the cache memory is usually the best solution for any of these errors on the mobile.

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