The Most Original Signatures For Your Gmail Emails In 2024

Need some inspiration? Here are the most original signatures for your Gmail emails in 2022 so you can leave your mark every time you send an email.

For quite some time now, Gmail allows you to put signatures at the end of emails. This way, every time you send an email you will see a signature at the end of the email, which usually includes your name, your contact details and a phrase or image. But there are times when you want to add a more personal touch. And that’s why we are going to try to give you some ideas about the most original signatures for your Gmail emails in 2022, so that you do not lack inspiration.

The standard signature features an image or logo, contact details and social media profiles. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own touch. For example, if what you have is a personal and not a company email, you can, instead of your own photo, create a personal logo. If it is an informal e-mail, even a drawing you have made or a funny image can give it an original touch.

You can also add an original touch to your e-mails by including a phrase that defines you. From an inspirational phrase to a dialogue from a movie or the lyrics of a song. It is simply a matter of finding something that defines you and gives a good image of you without being the same as all the other e-mails.

How To Add An Image To The Gmail Signature From The Cell Phone

Since we have said that one of the most original ways to create your signature is to include an image, you need to know how to add an image to the Gmail signature. The first thing you need to do is to know what image you are going to include. Then we recommend that you upload it to Drive, since it will be much easier to include it if you have it there than if you have to upload it directly when creating the signature.

Then go to Gmail and click the icon with the cogwheel to access Quick Settings and click View all settings. In the general tab, go to the Signature section. Enter it and, in the window to create your signature, click the add image button. If you have it in Drive, go to My Drive and choose it from there. If you do not have it in Drive, you can upload it at that moment or enter the URL where it is hosted.

Gmail Email Signature Templates

If you lack inspiration, there are numerous websites where we can find signature templates for Gmail mail. One of them is Hubspot, where you can edit 6 basic templates to add your signature to emails. From the tool itself you can edit it by adding your data and your images. Afterwards, you will only have to transfer it to Gmail and you will have created it in a few minutes.

MySignature is another free email signature generator. You can choose to create one from scratch or use one of the templates that are already created. Some of the options available are paid, but there are enough free options that it won’t be a problem for you.

How To Change The Signature Size In Gmail

If you want to know how to change the size of the signature in Gmail, what you need to learn is how to edit it. To do this you must go to Gmail Settings and, in the View all settings section, access the Signature tab that you will find under General. There you can make all the changes you need

You can change both the font size and the image size, so that the overall size of the signature is also modified.

However, it is recommended that the signature is not too large. Firstly because it can cause problems and not be seen correctly. And secondly because the signature is simply a closing for the e-mail, which should not have more weight in the message than the content of it.

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