What to do if the hashtags on an Instagram profile are no good and how to fix it.

Learn what to do if the hashtags on an Instagram profile are no good. Hashtags are one of the most used ways to open a space in Instagram’s algorithm and position your name, brand or product.

They are used in any publication, be it reels, photos or stories. If you are one of those people who are faithful to hashtags and yet you haven’t been able to position yourself the way you want, it’s probably because they are not working. Today we will take you to identify some mistakes that cause these problems and we will show you how to solve them. 

Why are the hashtags you use on your Instagram not attracting visits?

Hashtags are a tool that if used correctly become an excellent ally, they are not only part of Instagram but are also used in other social networks such as TikTok, for example. These help enormously to make your profile public and viral, but if you don’t use them in the right way maybe it won’t work as well as you expect.

Hashtags Spam

In a publication you have the freedom to add up to 30 hashtags, no more than that because otherwise the publication does not take place. When choosing these hashtags you have to be a little selective so as not to fall into the mistake of generating spam.

Spam occurs when a hashtag is used too many times, and therefore does not produce the expected result at the time of publishing something, apart from this you have to be careful not to always choose the very popular ones because then your publication will be forgotten quickly to be replaced by another.

Hashtag spamming is something that does not help your publication to stay positioned in social networks, thousands of people use the most common ones every day and this causes a photo to be replaced almost immediately by another one. Among the most popular ones you can get #TBT, #Friends, #Love, #Mood, etc. 

What should you do to get your hashtags working again?

When a hashtag works you start to have an influx of visits to your profile, in your stories and in your photos, but it is important to really know what to do so that when you use it they fulfill the purpose.

As you saw the main thing is that you try to use the less popular ones to avoid quickly delete your publication, you can also try to refresh the application so that you do not take so long uploading a photo or story since the hours in which you use a hashtag also influence. 

Reinstalling the Instagram App

Although the problem of a post on Instagram not going viral has little to do with your phone’s software, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the app, this will help the photo, story or reels you upload to be done quickly and with this you take advantage of the hours in which your contacts are more active within the app.

Helping the hashtags you use to position you correctly and keep you among the first publications of many users for a long time.

Verify the internet connection

Verifying the internet connection is important because when you are going to make a publication and write the respective hashtag, the application presents you with a series of options, which are the most used and those that can match what you are looking for and your publication.

When you do not have a stable internet connection, these hashtags do not appear. The same happens when the application, because of the internet, has a hard time uploading a publication making it upload at the wrong time making you lose views. 

How to make your Hashtags have more active views on your photos?

Instagram is a community and therefore you have to treat it as such, making it part of your publications and interacting with users whenever you can, this is a way to make your photos are seen more frequently and your hashtags work positioning in the network. You should pay attention to details such as the number of hashtags to use and which ones are the right ones for a publication. 

Hashtags according to your photo’s content

The use of hashtags is not simply to have something to say, on the contrary when you better describe what you do you will be much easier to get on Instagram search as well as interesting. Try then to get phrases that describe what you show in your photos and if you do not know what to put you can search for the most followed hashtags on Instagram to help you. 

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