Whatsapp Doesn’t Receive Messages On Android. Here’s What To Do [Guide]

What to do when Whatsapp doesn’t receive messages on Android. Today with this guide we’ll see what to do if WhatsApp doesn’t receive messages on Android. WhatsApp is an app that needs no introduction, as most users who own a smartphone have installed and use the messaging app with the green icon at least once. WhatsApp is used by millions of users every day, and if you’ve come to this guide, it’s likely that you’re a user who uses it to communicate with others. WhatsApp is generally an app that doesn’t give you a lot of problems, but you might encounter some headaches when using it, and one of the things that can happen to WhatsApp users is that they don’t receive messages, and this is not something to be overlooked. If you have recently noticed that WhatsApp is not receiving messages, continue reading this guide where we have collected several solutions that will help you solve the problem for good.

WhatsApp is an application that has over 600 million active users worldwide, numbers that are really high and that show the great success that this application has had among people. WhatsApp can be used as an app to communicate with your closest contacts, but in the Business version, it can also be used as an application that allows you to stay in touch with your customers. Whatever use you make of WhatsApp, it may happen that the app stops receiving messages and when this happens the person sending the message will see a single gray check mark, while those who are to receive it will never know that someone has sent them a message. So in that case what should you do to allow WhatsApp to receive messages again? Here are all the solutions that will help you bring WhatsApp back to its regular message reception.

Check that you are properly connected to the internet

WhatsApp can receive messages both when it is connected to Wi-Fi and a data connection, so if you are not receiving messages when you are connected to Wi-Fi, try switching to a data connection and vice versa to see if there is something wrong with the network you are connected to. It may also happen that you lack the signal to connect to the internet and this can apply to both Wi-Fi and data connection. Obviously if you do not have enough reception, you cannot expect to receive messages on WhatsApp, so try to move in or out of the house so that the signal strength of the connection improves and if someone has sent you a message on WhatsApp, as soon as there is a good network signal, you should be able to receive the message immediately. If you are having problems receiving messages only when you are connected to Wi-Fi, read this guide. If you are having problems with WhatsApp receiving messages when you are connected to your data connection

Make sure it is not a general problem

Sometimes the problem with WhatsApp not receiving messages is not due to you, but simply something about WhatsApp not allowing you to receive messages that have been sent to you. When this happens, however, the problem is generalized, so there will be many people who are experiencing the same problem that affects the reception of messages. You can very easily understand if there is a problem with receiving messages generalized, accessing the website downdetector, here on the page of WhatsApp you can see if someone complains of problems with the service and possibly you can give your contribution by leaving a report and if you want a message. Are you wondering what you should do if the problem with receiving messages is common to other users at the moment? If so, there is not much you can do except wait for WhatsApp to fix the problem that is affecting their service.

Restart your device

If the connection to the internet is working properly and if you have not experienced any general malfunctions of the app, I suggest you restart your Android smartphone. There may be something in the software on your phone or in the app itself that is causing WhatsApp to crash, so the thing I suggest you do now is to restart your device. A simple reboot of the phone can be miraculous in many cases when something doesn’t work, so press the power button on the smartphone and then tap on Restart. Wait for the operating system to load the Home, then see if you now receive messages from WhatsApp.

Make sure that you have not blocked the contact that is sending you messages and that you are not receiving them.

Sometimes you may find yourself blocking a contact because you do not want to be contacted by them temporarily or permanently, but you may also be doing this by mistake, perhaps by touching WhatsApp settings without knowing what you are going to touch. If by mistake you have blocked a contact, obviously you will no longer receive any messages from him and whoever sends a message will continue to display a single tick in the chat. When this happens then, you will continue to receive messages from those you have not blocked, while you will no longer receive messages from those you have blocked. If you want to go deeper and learn more about blocking contacts, I recommend you also read the article that explains what happens if you block a contact on WhatsApp, while to know if you have blocked someone on WhatsApp, proceed as follows:

  • Sign in to the WhatsApp app.
  • From the list of recently opened chats, you should already be able to tell if you have blocked a contact as you will see the entry “You have blocked this contact” below their contact name. Tap it to access the chat
  • You should also see the entry “You’ve blocked this contact. Tap to unblock”. Do as written then, tap this item and from the window that appears press Unblock
  • Now the contact is unlocked and you can receive new messages from him.

If the contact you have blocked does not appear in the list of recent chats, to see if the contact from whom you are receiving messages that are not arriving has been blocked by you, just proceed as follows:

  • Tap the green circular icon in the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Now look for the contact you are not receiving messages from and if it has been blocked you should see it in light grey and under the contact name you should see the entry “Blocked. Tap to unblock”. Then click on the name of the blocked contact and from the window that appears tap Unblock to be able to receive (and send) messages to this contact again.
  • From now on, you should receive all new messages that are sent to you from the contact you blocked.

Messages do not arrive only when the phone is on standby

If you are having problems with WhatsApp not receiving messages only when your smartphone is in sleep mode, that is, with the screen turned off, it may be because the settings on your device are not set correctly. You can do a quick check by following these steps:

  • Go to Settings on your Android phone
  • Then go to Apps > All Apps
  • Search for WhatsApp
  • Now go to Data usage
  • Under the Network Access section, make sure the switch is on for:
  1. Mobile data
  2. Wi-Fi
  3. Background data
  4. Roaming data

Once the switch is on for these 4 items (especially Background Data), you can check to see if you are now receiving messages even when your phone is on standby.

Turn off battery power saving

If you have battery power saving turned on, you will surely save on battery power, but if it is too aggressive, some applications may have serious limitations or malfunctions. So if you have power saving turned on and you are not receiving messages from WhatsApp, I suggest you try disabling it and see if that improves things. Follow these steps to see if you have power saving on your phone and if so, turn it off:

  • Go to Settings on your Android phone
  • Then go to Battery
  • Deactivate the switch next to Power saving mode
  • Now that you have turned off power saving, you can better understand if you were unable to receive messages on WhatsApp because of power saving.


The messaging app WhatsApp is very useful for those who need to keep in touch with people, in fact with it you can send and receive messages, phone calls, video calls, files, etc.. However, the app may stop letting us receive messages, and the cause when this happens may depend on us, as it may depend on the service provided by WhatsApp. Whatever the cause for which you could not receive messages from WhatsApp I hope that the solutions just seen in this guide have been helpful to you and that you have now solved everything. Until the next guide.

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