Where To Find The Tinder Contact Form

Learn where to find the Tinder contact form. Lost in the help menu? Find out where to find the Tinder contact form.

Although applications seek to be 100% intuitive, not all of them succeed and we end up wondering where to find the Tinder contact form. In order to get help from the technical service of this application for flirting you have to follow a path that is not always easy, but in this article we will explain step by step how to get to the desired place to be able to send them our doubt, query or complaint.

As soon as we open Tinder, we will have to look at the menu on the bottom bar and click on the icon on the right that has a doll. Then, click on the ‘Settings’ option on the left side of the screen. At that moment we will see a menu with many options, so we must scroll down until the ‘Contact us’ section appears.

Once located, click on ‘Help’ and we will get to another menu with four options. In order to contact Tinder, we will have to click on ‘Troubleshooting’. Unlike other applications, this application does not have a contact form itself, but a guide with frequently asked questions from users and possible solutions.

How To Contact Tinder To Report An Error With My Account

It is possible that when setting up our profile or trying to access the application we may encounter a problem, so we will need to know how to contact Tinder to report an error with my account. Again, the only way to report these problems is through the ‘Help’ section, which is much easier to manage from the website than from the application.

Clicking on ‘Troubleshooting’ will bring up a wide variety of errors that users may encounter when using Tinder. Although it may seem overwhelming, we have at our disposal a search bar to try to specify a little more the nature of the error we have encountered when opening the application. You can also browse to try to find what is the solution that best suits you.

Keep in mind that Tinder does not have an associated phone number with which users can resolve their doubts, so if you find a web page on which you indicate a number to solve problems on Tinder, be wary, because it is possible that you are facing a scam attempt. Social networks do not seem to be the best way to contact Tinder, since the CM usually refers you to the Help page.

Where To Ask For The Return Of Your Blocked Tinder Account

Do you want to know where to ask for your blocked Tinder account to be returned? The moment it is detected that a user’s behavior violates the terms of use of the application, it is possible that the account associated with that user is blocked or banned, preventing access. In principle, Tinder does not have an appeals form available to its users for these cases, but it is possible to send a request for your case to be studied if your account has been blocked.

The process in this case is quite cumbersome. We will have to access ‘Help’ and click on ‘Troubleshooting’. Next, choose ‘Problems logging in’ and click on the ‘My account has been disabled’ option. Scroll down to the bottom and click on ‘Technical problem with login’. Once there, scroll all the way down again and click on the text link that says ‘Contact us’.

It is at this point that we will get to the hidden menu ‘Send a request’. We select ‘Problems logging in to account’ and then ‘I can’t log in, my account has been disabled’. After a lot of searching, in that link you will finally find a form to enter your data and the description of the problem so that Tinder’s technical support can answer your request and tell you whether to unblock your account or not.

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