Why Facebook Closes All The Time

Learn why Facebook closes all the time. If you have problems logging into the social network that have led you to wonder why Facebook closes me all the time, we give you the solutions.

Despite the emergence of numerous social networks constantly, the reality is that Facebook is still the queen in certain sectors. Although it no longer has the pull of yesteryear, there are many people who continue to enter it every minute. But although in general it works quite well, it is not free from having failures on some occasions. And this can lead you to weigh why Facebook closes me every time. Whether it happens to you on mobile or PC, fortunately it is a problem that has a solution.

Why Facebook Closes By Itself On My Cell Phone

If you wonder why Facebook closes by itself on my mobile, there is a good chance that it is an update problem. When we do not update to the latest version of the social network it is possible that there are some problems that make it not work properly.

The solution is therefore quite simple. If you see that the Facebook app constantly closes the only thing you have to do is simply update it. Usually you have the option to update applications automatically on your mobile, but if it has not been done correctly you can enter the applications section of the Google Play Store. There you will see the apps you have pending to update. Simply click on it and when a new version arrives, the problem should be solved. Otherwise, you can also try directly to uninstall the application and reinstall it, so that any possible failure is eliminated.

If this has not solved the problem, another option you can try is to clear the cache. To do this you must go to Settings>Applications and search for Facebook. Within the section of this app look under Storage and click on the Clear Cache button. This solves many of the problems of applications that do not work properly, especially on smartphones with little storage space.

If you think it may be a problem that your smartphone does not have enough performance to pull the app, you can always choose to download Facebook Lite.

Why Facebook Closes By Itself On Pc

The problem is different when we find that where we can not enter Facebook on is on the computer. If you wonder why Facebook closes on PC, obviously you can not solve it by updating or reinstalling because there is nothing to install. However, there are times when the problem, just like on mobile, has to do with the cache. Therefore, if you see that you have any problems when accessing the social network on your computer, we recommend that you try clearing the cache, at least for the last hour. Most of the time, the problem will be solved in this way.

There are also times when we have problems accessing Facebook from a browser, but not from the rest. Therefore, if you have problems logging into a social network, you can take as a temporary solution to enter from another browser. It is quite common that we have several different browsers installed on the computer, so it may be a way to solve the problem. Of course, this is an acceptable solution if it is a one-time problem. If we see that it happens too often, trying to clear cache or even reinstalling the browser may be good options to solve the problem for good.

But before trying all this, there are times when something as simple as refreshing the page can solve all the problems for good.

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