Why does my phone keep disconnecting from WiFi?

WiFi is one of the most popular ways to connect to the Internet, so it’s fairly easy to connect to. However, it is frustrating when your phone seems to have problems staying connected to the WiFi network. Many users sometimes face the problem of frequently disconnecting from a particular Wi-Fi network. There are several reasons that can lead to this.

We will deal with the problem from several sides, it can be your internet connection, your router or your phone. Let’s explore it.

The problem is in the Internet

If the problem is in the Internet, it means that your phone and router have nothing to do with it, but rather your ISP is having technical problems with their service.

Well, what are you going to do? Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about it except wait for the problem to be resolved on their end. To make sure that the problem is actually with your ISP, try connecting to another Wi-Fi network from the same provider, then make sure you’re connected without any problems. If you have problems connecting to the other network, it means the problem is really with the ISP.

Multiple devices connected to the same network

Often you will find multiple users connected to the same Wi-Fi network, often on public networks. What many people don’t know is that there are routers that have a limited number of devices that can be connected. For example, some devices can’t be connected to more than 15 phones at the same time.

If there are a lot of people in your house and not as usual, they can be connected to your network, so the router can reach the limit of several connected devices. Fortunately, these limits can be changed in your router settings.

The method of entering the router settings varies by manufacturer. It is also possible to cancel the connection with multiple devices from the settings.

wrong router

Well, let’s direct the load to the router. Sometimes the router can behave randomly because it has been running for a long time without stopping. In this case, the problem can be simply solved by restarting the router.

If rebooting does not solve the problem, there may be other problems with the router. Make sure the router is warm, if it is, you should turn it off to give it a break. Also check that the cables are all properly and firmly connected to the router.

You are far from the router

Keep in mind that distance and walls hinder and affect the process of connecting to the Wi-Fi network. If there are a lot of walls or objects between you and the router, it is normal that you will encounter the problem of disconnecting from the WiFi network again and again. Moreover, even if there are many walls and you are too far from the router, you will face the same problem.

If you think a router should be able to get you where you are, it may be poorly positioned. Try changing its location or removing anything nearby that might obstruct the connection process.

Personally, I put his router on the second floor on a short table, so I can connect to the router from the basement. On the other hand, I can’t connect to the wifi when I’m in certain aspects of the third floor.

Interference from other devices

It is strange to hear that some devices can interfere with your router. Yes, this is true, it can include cordless phones, smart TVs and Bluetooth devices and other devices nearby on signals that interfere with the wifi network.

In case your router is close to any of these devices, it is possible that this is the cause. You can either move the router or the other device away, or change the channel your router is using. Put the router on a lower frequency band and I recommend 5 GHz instead of 2.4 GHz.

These are the common possibilities that can cause the WiFi connection to disconnect. We hope this helped you to answer this problem and find the solution

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