How to show hidden applications on Android

For privacy reasons, many users hide applications on Android, so that they don’t appear to you in the application interface. Of course, there is an option on Android that allows you to hide an app, and in return you can also show it. You may find that the way hidden apps are displayed varies from device to device, but it’s almost the same thing.

In this guide, we will show you how to display and discover hidden apps on your Android device, through very simple steps.

Note: The steps in this guide should not be used to violate the privacy of other users. If you don’t have a valid and legitimate reason to do so, you must respect their privacy.

Show hidden applications on Android

  • To start, enter the Settings app “Settings” on the Android device, and then tap on Applications Option “Apps”.
  • On some devices, you will need to expand the list of apps installed on your device by tapping See All Apps.
  • Additionally, your phone may have a drop-down menu to select the apps you want to view. Be sure to select an “All Apps” option.
  • On some other devices like Xiaomi, you need to press the three-dot option in the top corner, then in the menu that appears, select a Show All Apps option.
  • After that, the full list of installed apps on Android will appear, including hidden apps. It is very difficult to hide the very app from this list. Find the hidden application you want in this list.

That’s all, keep in mind that the list of apps can be long, as it requires attention to detail to reveal the hidden app. Just make sure you don’t violate another user’s privacy as this is illegal and justice can be done against you if it is proved


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