Where Can I See The Friend Requests Sent On Facebook in 2024?

Learn where can I see the friend requests sent on Facebook. I’m cleaning up the social network, and I want to know where I can see on Facebook the friend requests sent… We tell you where!

They say that Facebook, now called Meta, is outdated… It’s not true! It is estimated that the social network has about 3 billion users, and some of them have a request from you to which they have not responded… Where can I see on Facebook the friend requests sent to see who they are and, perhaps, delete it? Let’s see it!

Where Can I See The Friend Requests Sent On Facebook?

If you have asked yourself the question of where can I see the friend requests sent on Facebook, the first thing you should know is that this is something that you can only see from your account on your computer. This feature is not available from the app, where you can only see the requests you have received (we tell you where later).

To view your sent requests, follow the steps below from your PC:

  • Log in to Facebook and go to the “Friends” tab.
  • Then click on “Friend requests”.
  • You will see the number of requests and below a sentence that says: “View sent requests”. Go there!

How To See The People I Sent A Friend Request To On Facebook

If what you want to know is how to see the people to whom I sent a friend request on Facebook, it is very simple: just follow the steps detailed above and click on “View sent requests”. Then, as you can see in the image, a list will appear with the names of the people to whom you sent the request and who have not accepted it. If they had, they would appear in your friends list.

In this window, besides consulting who has ignored your request, you will be able to cancel it. To do so, just click on “Cancel request” (see you never!).

Where Are The Friend Requests Received On Facebook?

Find out where are the friend requests received on Facebook is something you can also do from the application on your mobile. If you want to follow from the PC, just follow the steps we have explained above. If you prefer the mobile, check it out:

  • Log in to your Facebook profile.
  • Click, just below, on “Find friends”.
  • On the next screen your pending friend requests will appear.

You decide whether to accept them or not!

How To See The Latest Facebook Friend Requests

If you are already at the previous point, maybe you are curious to know who has been waiting the longest… We are going to tell you how to see the latest Facebook friend requests:

  • When you are at the previous point (friend requests), click on “View all”, just to the right as we indicate in the image.
  • On the next screen, click on “Sort”, also on the right.
  • There you can choose between “most recent first” or “oldest first”, to see which are the latest or which people have been waiting the longest. It’s that easy!
  • And, once I know where I can see on Facebook the friend requests sent, and also the ones that are waiting, what to do with them? That’s up to you, it depends on the degree of friendship you have with that person or how you want to keep your privacy depending on the type of posts you make on Facebook.
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