How to make a status with colorful background on Facebook and post it? – Tutorial

Surely you have seen many times in publications your friends or people close to you, that when you post a status on their wall appears the colored Facebook background, and you would like to do the same, but you do not know how. Well, don’t worry, because today we are going to give you all the steps you need to follow to make your post with colors on Facebook.

What is the way to post a Facebook status with colored background?

To be able to add a post with colors, you must first log in to your Facebook profile, and follow the steps we will describe below, whether you do it from a phone or from your PC 

Using the web platform on PC

If you do it from the web, that is to say, from your PC, you simply have to enter the Facebook page and go to the top of the page where there is a box that says What are you thinking?

Then you will see a blank box and you will notice that at the bottom you will find the emojis part, and next to it you will notice some colored letters, click here and you will see that several backgrounds will appear. 

It is up to you to decide which background you are more interested in, in order to publish your Facebook post, and even in these posts you can share your avatars, with colored backgrounds, so you will give a more personalized touch to your publication. After you have your post ready, just click on publish, and your post will appear with a colored background.   

From the Facebook App for Android or iOS

If you do it from your mobile app first, you must have the app downloaded on your phone; then you must enter your profile and click on the option where it says, what are you thinking? 

After this you will find several options at the bottom of the publication simply slide the screen up and you will find an option where it says, background colors, click here, and you will notice that you will see several options to place in the background, choose the one you like, and click on publish, this way you will have your publication with colors.

What are the steps to follow to publish a post with colored background on Facebook?

To be able to publish your status with colors on Facebook you can follow the following steps that we are going to give you below, in this way you will be able to have your publication with bright colors.

In the what are you thinking’ option

As we mentioned before, to be able to publish your Facebook status with colors, you must log in to your account, then go to the section where it says ‘what are you thinking’.

After this you will find the options of colored backgrounds, after this you will write the phrases, or the statement you want to write, which can not be very long, because if you make it long this background will disappear and it will automatically become a normal publication. 

Another very important fact is that the publication you make, try to make it look flashy, if it is the case of a fanpage or influencer account, in this way you can get more likes or reactions to your publication organically, and avoid being penalized by Facebook for violating its community rules. 

What to do if you don’t see the color palette for the background of a Facebook post?

If you do not see the color palette, check if you have the latest update, if it is from your phone, and if it is from your PC, verify that you have a good internet connection, but if this does not work and the problem persists, you can report the problem to Facebook’s help service, so they can solve the problem, this way, you can publish your statuses with colors.

How to configure the privacy of your status so that all your contacts can see it?

To be able to configure your privacy, you must first go to settings and privacy, then click on your privacy shortcuts, and then on your account information.

After that, you will see a box where you will see all the permissions that you have authorized, so you should check that you have your friends in the settings, because if it is the case of a story and you have a public profile, outsiders can see your status.

So it is always recommended to change the configuration and place only friends, this way only your friends will be able to see your publications.

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