Your Gmail Account Is Running Out Of Space: How To Fix It

What to do if your Gmail account is running out of space. Your Gmail account is running out of space and you are afraid you will no longer be able to receive emails? Here are some possible solutions.

When you have a free Google account, the maximum storage you can have between all its services is 15GB. This storage is divided between Gmail, Google Photos and Google Drive. And if you are one of those who use all these services a lot you may have noticed that your Gmail account is running out of space. Luckily, this problem has a very simple solution. And if the storage you had for free is running out, it’s time to free up some of it.

The easiest solution is, logically, to delete some emails. Most likely, you will want to keep some emails for some reason, but there will also be others that after a while you no longer need. You can filter the search by date or sender, so that it will be easier for you to find the emails that will no longer be needed. By deleting them, you will leave space for new emails.

How To Free Up Space In Gmail Without Deleting Emails

If all your emails seem too important to give up any of them, you may be wondering how to free up space in Gmail without deleting emails. The key is in a fact that we have explained previously, and is that the 15GB of free storage you have available are divided between Gmail, Google Photos and Google Drive. Therefore, you can delete files from any of the three services.

Thus, you can also take a tour of Google Drive and Google Photos to try to find content that you no longer need and can delete.

Something that can be practical is to prevent the photos you take with your mobile or that you save in certain folders from being automatically uploaded to Google Photos. In this way, you will spend storage only on those images that can be useful for you. And of course, regular cleaning of the three services will ensure that you never run into storage problems.

Do E-Mails Take Up Space On The Mobile?

If you are wondering if the emails take up space on your mobile, in principle we should say that they do not. The emails that arrive to your account are stored in your Gmail account, in the Google cloud, but not in the memory of your smartphone. However, if some remains in the cache of the Gmail application. Therefore, in the end they may end up causing storage problems on your smartphone, especially in case you do not have too much storage space or your mobile is low-end.

In case you see that the arrival of numerous emails is causing you storage problems, what you should do is clear the cache of the Gmail app. To do this you must enter Settings>Applications and choose the Gmail application. In the screen that appears, go to Storage and press the Clear Cache button. This will clear the cache and solve the storage problems.

How To Get More Space In Gmail By Paying

If no matter how much space you delete, you are probably wondering how to get more space in Gmail by paying. To do this you must resort to Google One, the Google service that allows you to hire plans that allow you to have more storage space.

The three plans that Google offers you to have more storage are the following:

  • Basic: 100GB 
  • Standard: 200GB
  • Premium: 2TB 

This contracted storage will also be divided between the three Google services: Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos, so you can choose the one you prefer.

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