How To Fix Black Screen Problem In Google Chrome For Android

Find out how to fix black screen problem in Google Chrome for Android and get back to normal browsing on your phone

Have you ever tried to browse the Internet and as a result you have encountered absolute blackness? This article will tell you how to fix black screen problem on Google Chrome for Android so that, in this way, you can go back to check your favorite websites or work with Google Chrome without any inconvenience.

The first thing we have to check is that the Internet connection is stable, although it is not usually linked to the black screen in Google Chrome. Once we have checked this aspect, we will have to try restarting the Google Chrome browser application. To do this, we enter ‘Settings’ on our mobile, select ‘Apps and notifications’ and search for ‘Google Chrome’. When accessing the application information, we will have to click on the ‘Force stop’ button to restart the app when re-entering.

In case this does not work, it is also important to clean the cache from time to time to ensure that there are no corrupted files that are affecting the proper functioning of Google Chrome. Again, when entering ‘Applications and notifications’ and ‘Google Chrome’, this time we will access ‘Storage’ and press the ‘Clear cache’ button.

If we go into ‘Manage space’ we will also be able to choose which other files we want to delete. This should not only help Google Chrome to work properly, but it will also help us to free up space on our mobile, something that is always appreciated.

After performing these steps, if we continue to encounter the black screen in Google Chrome for Android, it is likely to be a bug in the application. Check if you are using the latest version of Google Chrome, as sometimes it gets outdated and this causes serious malfunctions, such as this one. When you go to Google Play and search for Google Chrome, if the ‘Update’ button appears it means you are not yet using the latest update, so install it and the problem should go away.

In some updates the black screen became a torment, prompting Google to work quickly to release a new version. After installing it, if the black screen still appears, from Google it was recommended to leave the application open for five minutes and then close it (review the steps to force stop it detailed above) and reopen it. This should solve the problems and the screen should appear without problems.

Finally, it is not excluded that the problem is in our terminal, so we will have to restart our mobile. If we still have the problem with Google Chrome, we will have to consider more radical options such as restarting the phone with factory settings, using another browser (Mozilla, Opera, etc.) or, directly, consider buying a new phone.