Telegram lowers the quality of photos: How to avoid it

Telegram lowers the quality of photos. But there is a simple trick you can use to avoid it.

One of the functions we use most often in instant messaging applications is to send photos. But the reality is that Telegram lowers the quality of the photos at the time of sending them. If you just want to show your friends where you’re spending your vacation, it usually won’t be a problem. But if you have taken a quality photo and want others to be able to see it without it being downgraded, there is a trick to avoid this downgrade.

Telegram only lowers the quality of the photos when we send them as an image. That is, if when sending an attachment in a chat you select the Gallery option, the quality will automatically drop. Therefore, we have to look for an alternative.

All you have to do is when you click on the clip to send a picture, instead of the Gallery option select the File option. Then find the folder on your cell phone where you have the image saved. This way, what you will be sharing with other users is your original file, without compression. Of course, the maximum size is 1.5GB.

Does Telegram compress images?

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Knowing that when you send a photo as an image you lose a bit of quality, you’re probably wondering if Telegram compresses images. And the answer is clearly yes. By default, the app compresses all images we send to a maximum size of 1280×1280 pixels. To send a larger photo you will have to resort to the trick explained above.

In the case of photos taken with a reflex camera, the original size is usually much larger. Therefore, in that case, we could say that Telegram lowers the quality of the photos since some size or level of detail would be lost.

The reason for this drop in quality is a matter of convenience. The reality is that most users who send photos via Telegram and the like do not need impeccable quality, but simply to show something to their friends. So, by having a lower quality, data consumption also drops, as well as the space occupied on the mobile of the person who receives it. And if you want to send them with the highest quality, you always have the option discussed in the first section.

How to send Telegram photos to WhatsApp

If your doubt does not refer to the size but how to send photos from Telegram to WhatsApp, you will be pleased to know that it is quite simple. You just have to open the photo and press the Share button. There will appear all the applications in which you can share it among which is WhatsApp.

If you do not want to have to enter Telegram to send the photo, it is best to download the images so that they stay in your gallery. Afterward, go into the chat you want on WhatsApp and press the clip button to share a file. There you can find it and send it to whomever you want. The reality is that once you have a photo saved on your phone, the process to send it is the same as wherever the photo originally came from.