Bper Mortgage: Find out the Expected Interest Rates and the Timeframe for the Resolution

Learn about BPER mortgage. One of the most solid banking institutions at the national level is certainly Banca Popolare dell’Emilia Romagna (BPER). The stability over the years, the close relationship with the territory, the convenient commercial financial proposals and the efficiency of services are just some of the factors that have allowed it to gain a competitive advantage. In this regard, the BPER mortgage is one of the leading products of this banking institution. Those who have decided to subscribe to it appreciate the convenience of the interest rates.

The main features of the BPER mortgage

Banca BPER offers both fixed-rate and variable-rate mortgages: the former are the most popular among those who intend to pay the monthly instalment in a constant amount for the entire duration of the loan. In fact, there are no surprises, because the applicant already knows how much the monthly instalment will amount to. In this way, managing the individual and family budget is simple.

On the other hand, the BPER variable rate mortgage is a different matter. This financial product is suitable for you if you want to take advantage of the variations related to the fall in the Euribor rate. As you can easily realize, at low rates, there is a lighter mortgage installment which, in fact, will end up affecting your standard of living decidedly less. Conversely, in the event of an increase in the indices, the instalment will inevitably rise. The risks of a variable rate mortgage, therefore, are all there. Nevertheless, the so-called “option” is the concrete distinguishing feature of the BPER mortgage. Many people choose it, for the simple reason that the date is constantly being adjusted on the basis of changes in Euribor. However, if interest starts to rise quite suddenly, the applicant can take advantage of the Option. What does it consist of? Simply in the passage that takes place from the variable rate to the fixed rate. Therefore, the APR of the BPER mortgage is 4.02%. However, it’s different for a BPER mortgage aimed at subrogation. In this case, the APR is 4.11%. By including the insurance policy, the APR rises to 4.31%.

Those who intend to consider the BPER mortgage as a possible option for the purchase of a house would do well to also evaluate the constant rate, as it is synonymous with security. The advantage lies in the fact that the rates cannot be adjusted. The APR in this case corresponds to 4.28%. For the BPER mortgage with subrogation, but still at a fixed rate, the APR is 4.37%. By including the policy, the APR rises to 4.57%.

As regards the maximum amount that can be financed, in the case of the BPER mortgage this amounts to 80 % of the total value of the property that you wish to purchase.

BPER Pro Roof Mortgage

The specific case of the BPER mortgage is the Pro Tetto solution, whose formula revolves around a variable rate that, in any case, cannot exceed a specific threshold. Basically, the financial product in question allows the applicant to take advantage of Euribor decreases, going to pay relatively advantageous installments. Furthermore, there is no risk of excessive increases. The ceiling that the interested party can set is between 5.90% and 6.90%.

Timeframe for resolution

For the purposes of obtaining a BPER mortgage, the time required for approval, i.e. between the presentation of the documents and the disbursement of the desired amount, generally ranges from one to two months.

The most important steps are the request for documents by the BPER Bank, the presentation by the applicant. The income of the person concerned is then assessed. If judged satisfactory, we move on to the technical appraisal and then to the notary’s report. Finally, it is the turn of the final decision on the disbursement of the loan and then the signature to be affixed to the loan contract.

If we add to all this the strong presence of bank branches at territorial level, the customer assistance service ready to fully satisfy every request and the wide range of financial services offered, it is clear why the BPER mortgage is rightfully among the solutions worthy of greater attention.

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