How to activate the touch keyboard on my Windows 11 PC? – Process and configuration

Learn how to activate the touch keyboard on Windows 11. As we all know, Windows has an extensive range of functions and options that help us to have a better function of the operating system, since the arrival of Windows 7 began to implement several very unusual features that dazzled a lot and that many users began to draw attention. Even one of the reasons why Windows Vista users have upgraded their operating system. 

One of the most striking functions was the possibility of having a Touch Keyboard on the computer for those people who used touch screens or for those users whose physical keyboard was damaged, the idea of having a keyboard on the screen and being used by the mouse or touch screens was presented. In today’s article we will be presenting you the way to activate this function in Windows 11.

What does each of the Windows 11 touch keyboard layouts consist of?

For those who do not know, this keyboard has several designs, in the same way that the keyboard is configured you can configure the language of Windows 11 pro and Home.

These designs are applied in the way you use the keyboard, this way the keyboard that will be appearing on the screen will be easier to use depending on the type of design you are using, this way the keyboard will be aesthetic and will have a better performance.

Default keyboard

The first type of keyboard that we can find is the default keyboard. This keyboard layout will be applying more for touch screens, since it is obvious that you do not have a keyboard. It will be featuring larger keys for better interaction and some of these keys were removed to make typing easier.

Split keyboard

The second type of keyboard that is available in the Windows options is the split keyboard. This keyboard layout is oriented in that the left edge and the right side will be divided so that they are close to the edges.

With this it will be easier to write if you have touch devices with two hands. This is provided to us by the same Microsoft Support page so that we understand better this keyboard

What should I do to start the touch keyboard on my Windows 11 computer?

When we want to start the touch keyboard on the computer that has Windows 11, we will have to follow some steps, but of course, keep in mind that there is not only one way to do it, we can make use of several tools or configurations for this to make its appearance. And in these configurations we can find others like opening the task manager of Windows 11.

With keyboard shortcuts

When you want to have access to this tactile keyboard, you can use the shortcuts of the keyboard so that this appearing in a very fast and effective way. For it, you will have to use the combination of the keys ‘Ctrl + Windows + O’, with this command will be appearing the tactile keyboard on screen immediately, with these keyboard shortcuts we can also move the taskbar to the top in Windows 11.

From ‘Run

Another option that we have available so that the Tactile Keyboard makes appearance in the screen, is to use the dialog box Executor so that this one makes that it appears. For them we looked for Executor in the searcher or we press ‘Windows + R’ and in boxes it writes ‘osk’ and this keyboard will be appearing alone in the screen.  

In the ‘Search’ window

The easiest option, and one that we have used at least once, is to use the Search window to open the touch keyboard program. To do this, you will only have to go to the start part of the computer and go to where all the applications are, there you will have to go to Accessories and then to Accessibility. It is in this section where you will find the Touch Keyboard program.

Control Panel

For the last option that we have available to make the Touch Keyboard appear, entering the control panel to activate this option. For it, you will have to open it and go to accessibility and then in center of Accessibilities, in this one there will be an option called ‘Start keyboard in screen’ and with it you will be able to start the tactile keyboard.

How to configure the touch keyboard mode that appears on my Windows 11 PC?

With any of the options explained above you can make the keyboard appear on screen. But if you want, you can make this keyboard appear every time you log on to your computer or every time it is turned on. To do this, you will have to add the Touch Keyboard program to the Startup folder in the system.

  • First, open Windows Startup and search for Touch Keyboard and drag it to the desktop to create a shortcut for it.
  • Then, go again to the startup and in ‘All programs’, we will see the startup folder, you will have to right click and click on Open so that this folder is opened.
  • In this folder you will be entering the touch keyboard shortcut. This way every time you turn on the computer the keyboard will appear.
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