How to change the currency inside Windows 10? – Quick Settings

When using a computer there are some default applications Windows 10 and regional settings that you need to change, since the vendor from which you got the computer may not be from the same region.

These settings affect the currency of the region and certain applications on the computer that you will not be able to run because of these presets. If it is not the currency that you use or that you need to use you will have to change the configuration, here we will explain how to change the currency within the Windows 10 operating system.

What points should you check before changing the currency within Windows?

One of the important points to take into account to know what currency the computer has by default would be to check the language and region that is running on the computer and in addition to this it is important to know what versions of Windows the computer has at the time of making the change, so that the results are satisfactory and work well.

Check that the language and region are correct

As mentioned above, an important aspect is to check that the language and region data that the Windows 10 computer has are correct and correspond to your current location, to do this follow these instructions:

  • Open the Windows 10 Start menu and in the search bar type ‘Region’, when the results are displayed enter the ‘Regional Settings’ program.
  • This action will direct you to the control panel where you will have to search and click on ‘Change date, time or number formats’.
  • We visualize a new tab called ‘Region’ where several options to configure will be shown, in the ‘Format’ section verify that the language that is registered is correct.
  • If not, click on this section and select the language of the corresponding region.
  • At the bottom of the tab tap on Additional Settings where four blocks will be extended, there you will be able to configure the numbers, currency, time and date.
  • To know if you have Windows 10 or previous versions
  • The procedure to know the version of Windows that you have installed is very simple, the first thing that you will have to do to know the version of Windows that your computer has will be to press in the keyboard the button with the icon of Windows and at the same time to press the key ‘R’, the window of the program ‘Execute’ will be shown.

In the available field type the word ‘Winver’ and click on ‘OK’ or on the ‘ENTER’ key, once that is done a tab will be displayed which will indicate the Windows and what type of version the computer has.

What methods are there to change the currency within Windows?

For this inconvenience that could be annoying, there are two methods that will solve the problem of changing the currency of the Windows 10 computer. Each procedure leads to the same solution but with the difference of keyboard shortcuts and ways on the computer to change the currency of the computer.

Entering the control panel and keyboard shortcuts

A widely used keyboard shortcut in Windows is activated by simultaneously pressing the Windows key and the letter ‘R’, this will open the ‘Run’ program where it will take you directly to the desired program, then perform these steps:

  • In the ‘Run’ program field type the word ‘Control’ and click on the ‘OK’ option of the tool.
  • Automatically the Control Panel program will open and in the search bar enter the word ‘Currency’ and then click on the option ‘Change currency presentation’.
  • In the tab look for and select the option ‘Additional Configuration’ and in the new window you will see tap on the ‘Currency’ block.
  • You will see different options to configure in reference to the currency, in the field that indicates ‘Currency symbol’ select the currency that corresponds to your country.
  • Finally, when you have finished making all the desired settings click on the ‘Apply’ option and then on ‘OK’, with this you will have finished the process to change the computer currency.

From the startup configuration icon

In many devices there is a Configuration application to make modifications in the system, Windows 10 is not the exception, it is possible to change the currency of the computer from the Configuration program that brings incorporated in the operating system, to achieve it proceeds with these instructions:

  • There are two ways to enter the ‘Settings’ of Windows 10, the first is by going to the Windows Start button located in the lower left corner of the start screen of the computer and search for ‘Settings’ in the search bar to enter the program.
  • The second way is to go back to the Windows Start menu and click on the gear icon on the left side of the menu.
  • In the new tab look for ‘Region’ and in the following window click on ‘Additional date, time and locale options’.
  • Next go to Set time and date where you will see a new box called ‘Region’.
  • There you must click on ‘Additional settings’ and in the ‘Currency’ section modify the currency for the corresponding one.