How to make the dislikes counter reappear on YouTube videos

Find out how to make the dislikes counter reappear on YouTube videos. As we know that YouTube no longer allows you to see a certain number of Dislikes in videos, this feature is very important to know whether the video content is reliable or bad. Personally, when I want to watch a video of a certain content, the first thing I look at is the number of dislikes to make sure the quality and reliability of the video.

Display the number of dislikes in YouTube videos via the browser extension

Unfortunately, YouTube didn’t provide any option to enable the display of the number of dislikes, so we will rely on a third-party tool to display it.

You can easily restore the display of the number of disproportions on YouTube, based on an extension named Return YouTube Dislike.

You can install this extension on various browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera and other OS-based browsers. Chromium.

Go to the link of the extension, and then click on the Install button “Install”. Then specify the name of the browser you are using to open the extension page on the browser store. Press Add to Firefox Add to Chrome It depends on the type of browser you are using. When a window appears to confirm the addition of the extension, click on “Add extension”.

If you are using another browser like Savati on your desktop, it script available for the Tampermonkey add-on that should allow the extension to work in the desktop version of the Safari browser.

Once you have added the extension, you can go to YouTube and watch the videos, you will notice that the number of likes appears as shown in the example below.

This is not a completely accurate number

Keep in mind that the addon works using a cached dataset, which was obtained before YouTube turned off the number of non-likes. So, this means that the number of no likes in any video will not be 100% correct, but only an approximation.

We also know that creators can only see the number of likes and the number of likes received by their videos. There will probably be a plan to allow content creators to share this information with the addon in the future.

In any case, this addon is very important and will help you know if the video is reliable and worth watching, just know the number of non-likes even if the number is only an approximation.

YouTube has disabled the number of non-fans in response to racist and group hate campaigns directed against some content creators, not because of the quality of the content, but because of targeted attacks. However, these reasons are in the minority compared to the number of videos that are disliked because of the quality of the video content, as it could be a scam, an incorrect explanation or something like that.

In addition to the extension we explained above, YouTube recommends that viewers turn to the comments to ensure the quality of the video. But we find that many creators who receive bad comments turn off comments.

In my opinion, I think the step YouTube has taken is incorrect because of the important role non-fans play in rating videos on YouTube and ensuring their quality. We hope you’ll come back and take a look at the non-fan count and think about alternative ways to combat targeted attacks. So now we just have to use the above extension to rate videos.

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