How to enlarge and shrink the Paint eraser with the keyboard and settings

Learn how to enlarge and shrink the Paint eraser with the keyboard. As we know Paint is a Windows application that has many functions, among which you are going to get options that will help you to draw, apply colors, make modifications to images, make freehand strokes, add shapes and if you need to erase something you will find in its toolbar the eraser to correct what you want and we will teach you how to enlarge or decrease the size of the eraser.

Unfortunately it became an obsolete application and in the current versions of Windows, Paint is no longer available. You can still download this program and use each of its tools.

What is the right way to select the Paint eraser eraser?

In case you are working on the Paint sheet and you have made a mistake and you do not know how to correct it, the same program offers you different alternatives to adjust the eraser parameter. It will be very useful to make use of this option, since you will be able to manage it as you prefer.

As an interesting fact, this program will teach you how to copy and paste an image in the paint sheet, so you can edit it to your liking.

How can I enlarge and reduce the size of the Paint draft?

It is very easy once you have selected the eraser, click on the Size option, there you can define the thickness of the Paint eraser, also based on its dimensions you can modify it since it will show you a menu that with the same cursor of the mouse you can increase or minimize the eraser, this option is very simple because it facilitates you to use the sizes that the program has by default.

Also when you have a work in the paint sheet and you want to give it a more unique style you can learn to put the transparent background with the help of the adjustment that this program shows you.

With the keyboard

This is a very simple procedure and you will not have any problem to do it, you will see that with these steps you will be able to achieve it.

  • To increase the Paint eraser you have to press the Ctrl command on the keyboard and without releasing it you will press the key with the symbol (+), if you leave it pressed you will see how it expands all over the screen until it reaches its limit.
  • To minimize it you are going to do the opposite to the previous step, you are going to press again the Ctrl command and the key with the sign (-) and it will reduce to the size you want or to its minimum expression.
  • Using Paint settings
  • First you have to go to the toolbar
  • Then select the eraser icon.
  • Once the eraser is selected, a small square will appear on the screen, indicating that it is the eraser.
  • Finally, with the help of the mouse you will start using this option.

What is the procedure to follow to modify the eraser size in Paint 3D?

With the last updates Microsoft has renewed the Paint program to Paint 3D, giving it new functions and a way to see the virtual reality that this new design shows you, but the option to increase the size of the eraser you will still find it, the steps to find this option are similar, the only thing that was changed was the name of the option where the eraser is located. Here we show it to you:

  • You have to go to Menu
  • Locate the Brush option
  • You will see the icon in the form of a pencil that will indicate that it is the eraser.
  • In that same option you will see a line called thickness, which will allow you to increase or decrease the size of the eraser.
  • When you increase the thickness you will see it reflected when you put it somewhere in Paint 3D.
  • As you can see, it is a very easy, simple and competent process to increase or decrease the size of the eraser, and you can always see the results when you work with objects in this application. However, this new update will allow you to download and add fonts to Paint 3D, so it will be easier for you to work with this function.
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