How to Modify GTA Online Vehicles | Step by Step Guide

The number of vehicles present in GTA Online, the well-known mode of GTA 5 that now represents essentially a title in itself, is particularly high, so that the types of races available also vary a lot the gameplay, and their amount of content can provide many hours of fun.

In this context, it is normal that you are wondering how to mod vehicles on GTA Online, so as to give an original touch to your cars and make a good impression during the races. Don’t worry: the Rockstar title presents multiple possibilities in this sense, and you’ve come to the right place. In fact, in this tutorial I’ll analyze the topic in its entirety, going into detail about the changes you can make to vehicles.

What do you say? Are you ready to follow the quick directions below? My guess is that you can’t wait to upgrade your vehicle of choice. Take heart then: you just need to take some free time and continue reading the guide. With that said, there’s nothing left for me to do but wish you a good read and enjoy!

Preliminary information

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Before going into the details of the procedure on how to modify vehicles on GTA Online, I think you might be interested in knowing more about the subject.

Well, “modding” has different meanings. There are those who refer to the use of mods, while others simply want to make changes to the vehicles, but without using content made by the community.

On the other hand, the use of mods on GTA Online, which is a title that is played in constant “contact” with other players, is not particularly well seen by fans and developers. In fact, those who make use of content made by the community can be seen as a cheater, or a user who wants to cheat.

In addition, unfortunately, some users over the years have used mods to “annoy” other players of GTA Online, so it is clear that the mods for this game are not exactly appreciated by most. In light of what has just been said, both to avoid possible problems with your account and to avoid annoying other fans, it is best to avoid using community-made content in the online mode of GTA.

I’ve already explained the situation in my tutorial on how to drift on GTA: in general it is good to consider the use of mods only in the story mode of the Rockstar title, so as not to “affect” the gameplay of other players.

My advice is always to stay away from content that could potentially lead to problems, since you’re still using something not made and designed directly by the developers. It is not clear what is actually the position of the developers about mods, but you can imagine that it is not entirely positive (especially for GTA Online).

In short, it is a similar issue to that relating to glitches, which I explained in my guide on how to get the bag on GTA Online. The choice is up to you, but I can assure you that GTA Online is fun even without the use of content made by the community (or, if you really want, you could consider the activities created by fans available directly within the game).

For this reason, in this tutorial I will use the term “modding” in the sense of making modifications to vehicles, such as changing the wheels and so on. In simple terms, I will focus on procedures implemented directly by Rockstar, so that you can “get your hands” on GTA Online vehicles from any platform without having any problems.

How to mod vehicles GTA 5 Online

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After explaining the general situation, I’d say it’s time to go into action and actually show you how to “get your hands” on vehicles in GTA Online. As I mentioned in the preliminary chapter, I will only use methods allowed directly by the developers, so as not to cause any problems to your account (you do not know my in this case).

To proceed, once you are inside the game, open the map and go to the nearest Los Santos Customs. You can use the filter on the right to quickly find it. In any case, such a facility is usually located in the lower left corner.

Take your “trusted” vehicle and go to the Los Santos Customs, entering inside (the door will raise automatically when you approach). You may be required to spend a few dollars to repair the vehicle before you can proceed, but after that you can make all the necessary changes.

In fact, in the menu that appears on the screen you’ll find all the sections related to the changes you can make to your vehicle (of course, some options may change depending on what you’re using). In any case, usually among the options are Armor, Brakes, Bumpers, Engines, Mufflers, Hoods, Horns, Headlights, License plates, Explosives and Paint.

Obviously, it is difficult for me to give you precise indications about which modifications you should make to your vehicle, since there are many variables involved. On the other hand, GTA Online offers a myriad of customization options (and that’s why you don’t need to use mods made by the community).

You just have to select the type of modification you want to make, choose the item you want to buy and spend the required dollars. In case you do not have the right amount of money, I recommend you to consult my guide on how to earn money on GTA Online.

In short, actually making modifications to vehicles in GTA Online is very simple by going through a Los Santos Customs. However, if you’re looking for an additional degree of customization, you might want to take a look at my tutorial on how to change license plates in GTA Online, in which I went into detail about the procedure for changing the writing that appears in plain sight (you have to go through an application outside the game).

I would like to make just one clarification: in some cases, some changes may be temporarily “blocked”. In fact, the game has a progression system that requires the user to perform various tasks before being able to make certain changes to a vehicle. In other words, you may have to perform certain tasks within GTA Online before you can actually use the available modifications to their full potential.

For example, you may not be able to purchase the Bull Bar item if you have not yet reached Rank 6. Also, an ECU upgrade may require you to win races for a certain class and reach Rank 15.

In any case, if you find that some upgrades are “locked”, the game will always show you what the requirements are to be able to purchase that particular item. If you have “problems” with the rank, I recommend you to consult my tutorial on how to quickly rise in rank in GTA Online, in which I have provided several tips that may come in handy.

For the rest, if you’re looking for good activities to do, perhaps created directly by Rockstar (and not by the community of fans), you might want to consult my guide to the best races in GTA Online, which includes guidance on several activities that you might want to do, for example, to unlock a certain modification (or perhaps to climb in rank).

How to mod Oppressor MK II

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Excuse me? Do you have the iconic Oppressor MK II but you don’t quite understand how you can make modifications? No problem, I’ll tell you how to do it, since the procedure is different from most of the vehicles on GTA Online.

On the other hand, it is one of the most expensive bikes, in general, the online mode of GTA 5, which among other things can fly and has a kind of “turbo”. If you want to learn more about what is offered by the Rockstar title

In any case, the modifications you can make in the case of the Oppressor MK II motorcycle are very interesting. For instance, you can even add a missile shooter to the bike. In short, I’m sure you want to know more now.

There are some requirements to be able to “get your hands” on this special vehicle: you have to have a nightclub as well as a Terrorbyte. In short, you may have to spend a large amount of money to actually succeed in modifying the Oppressor MK II motorcycle. However, if you’ve managed to acquire this vehicle, which already costs a lot of money, I’m sure you already know how to get money on GTA Online.

For the rest, once you have everything you need, you only need to go to the Terrorbyte room, enter it and you’ll find the flying motorcycle on the back. So, get on it and press the button shown on the screen (which varies depending on the platform you are playing from) to start applying the changes.

At this point, you will have several categories at your disposal: Armor, Countermeasures, Engine, Lights, Livery, Loss/Theft Prevention, Paint, and Weapons. Perfect, now you just have to spend the right amount of money to modify as you want the bike Oppressor MK II.

In any case, if you have any doubts about the procedure, you can refer to my tutorial on how to modify Oppressor MK II, in which I have detailed everything you need to know about the subject. You might also be interested in my guide on how to activate the turbo on GTA, since this bike is also involved.

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