How To Change Color of Samsung Keyboard [Guide]

Find out how to change color of Samsung keyboard. If you want to know how to change the color of the Samsung keyboard, this guide will help you do it easily and in different ways. The keyboard that comes preinstalled on Samsung Galaxy, can be customized in several aspects: you can change its size, you can use a different layout style, you can change the transparency, you can change the font size, and much more. One feature in particular, however, appeals to many users, and that is changing the color of the keyboard. Most keyboards have a basic color scheme such as white and gray, but while perhaps initially it gives a serious tone to the keyboard, in the long run it can get tiresome and you are looking for a change. Being able to change the color of your Samsung keyboard is possible, and there is not just one way to do it, but as many as five. Ready to customize your Samsung Galaxy keyboard with a new color scheme? Continue reading this guide to find out each method in detail.

The basic Samsung keyboard features a white and gray color scheme, but not everyone likes it or after an initial period when you like this color scheme you decide to change to a brighter or darker color. If you want to change the color of your Samsung Galaxy’s keyboard, we have gathered as many as five different ways: by activating the dark mode; by changing the keyboard theme to a new one; by using a high-contrast color; by using Samsung Galaxy themes; by making use of the One UI 4 color palette. So are you ready to get started? Here’s how to change the color of your Samsung keyboard.

activate dark mode 

Dark Mode, or Dark Mode, allows you to set a black main coloring in the screens and applications of a Samsung smartphone and is very useful on devices with an amoled or oled screen as it saves a lot of battery consumption. In fact, where there is a black coloring, on an amoled or oled screen, the pixels are turned off, which is the reason why the battery is consumed less quickly. Dark Mode can also be used to be able to change the color to the keyboard, in fact when Dark Mode is activated, the Samsung keyboard will change its colors to black and dark gray, with letters, number and punctuation in white. If you want to activate Dark Mode on Samsung Galaxy phones and consequently change the color to a darker one for your keyboard, here’s how you need to proceed:

  • Access the Settings app on your Samsung smartphone.
  • Then scroll down to Display and tap this item to view its contents
  • Now select Dark Mode
  • At this point Dark Mode, in a moment you will see it activated and by going now to the keyboard you will be able to see the change of the keyboard colors to one suitable for the dark mode

use Samsung keyboard themes

In addition to the classic white and gray color scheme of the stock Samsung keyboard, there are also other color schemes that can be used. In fact, the Samsung keyboard includes 4 basic themes that can be selected at any time to change its color. Color aside, when you go to change it in the keyboard, consider that the difference will lie not only in this detail, but also in the lack of key borders. To change the main color of the Samsung Galaxy’s stock keyboard proceed as follows:

  • Go inside the Settings of your Samsung smartphone
  • Search and when you find it, tap on the General Management item.
  • You should now see the Samsung Keyboard Settings item that you will need to press on

You can also get to the same Samsung Keyboard Settings screen in another way:

  • Go to where you can view the Samsung keyboard, for example, go into the SMS app and view the keyboard you should need to type the message
  • Then press over the settings icon, which you recognize because it has drawn a gear like the one you see in the picture 
  • You should now be inside the Samsung Keyboard Settings screen

Whichever of the two methods seen above you used, now proceed as follows once you have accessed the Samsung Keyboard Settings:

  • Press your finger on the Theme item.
  • You will then be shown the themes you can use to replace the one you currently have for your keyboard
  • Select the theme you like best and use the Show Keyboard option to see a preview at the bottom with the new keyboard color. If you have dark mode on, you may not be able to see the option to be able to change the keyboard theme, so you have to turn off dark mode first, then you can change the theme to the Samsung keyboard. The themes you can use are called Light, Solid light, Dark and Solid dark

use a high contrast color

Another thing you can do in order to change the color of your Samsung keyboard is to make use of high-contrast colors. By activating high contrast colors for your Samsung keyboard, you can have a keyboard with yellow buttons and black letters; black buttons with white outlines and letters; black keys with white letters; and blue keys with white letters. Here’s how to turn on high contrast for the Samsung keyboard:

  • Using one of the methods seen in the previous section, access the Samsung Keyboard Settings screen.
  • Now press on the High Contrast Keyboard item and toggle the switch found beside it
  • Now you can select the high contrast theme color you prefer from the 4 that are available

make use of one of the custom themes for Samsung Galaxy

None of the methods seen above satisfied your craving for something new in terms of Samsung Galaxy keyboard color? You could then proceed with changing the theme directly, this way you will have a much wider choice. Samsung Galaxy, can change the default theme to other custom ones, this without the need to rely on third-party applications. Using this method, you will find a wide variety of keyboards, but changing the keyboard will also automatically change the entire theme of the phone, not just the Samsung keyboard then. If this does not stop you, but rather tantalizes you because of the overall novelty that there will be in your smartphone regarding its new graphics, you can change the theme in this way:

  • Access the Settings of your Samsung Galaxy
  • Press on the Themes now item to be able to access Samsung Galaxy Themes
  • If you haven’t done so yet, you will be asked to log in to your Samsung account, otherwise you will have direct access to Samsung Galaxy Themes
  • You will be shown a whole range of custom, free and paid themes that you can download to your phone and apply. Select a theme you like and you will be shown a preview
  • If you like the keyboard theme, as well as everything else about the theme, you can then press the Download button to download the theme to your Samsung smartphone
  • Wait for the theme to finish downloading, then press the Apply button to see the new graphics

If you were then planning to change the theme again, but using the ones you have already downloaded to your phone, you can find them by following these steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on the Themes item
  • In the top left corner you should see an icon with three bars positioned horizontally . Tap on it to access the menu
  • Select the My Stuff item and you will be shown all the available themes that you have already downloaded (including the default one) and that are ready to be applied

using the color palette with One UI 4 (Android 12 only)

Do you have a Samsung smartphone running Android 12? If so, your device will run One UI 4, so you can change the default keyboard color by making direct use of the color palette function. This function makes use of background colors and applies them on the phone to icons, quick settings, keyboard, etc.. Here’s how to change the Samsung keyboard color using the color palette on One UI 4:

  • Go inside your phone’s Settings
  • Tap on the Wallpaper and Style item
  • Turn on the switch next to Apply palette to app icons.
  • Then select Color Palette and choose the color you like. If you don’t like the color scheme, try changing the wallpaper in order to access a new set of colors


Always having the same keyboard with the same color schemes can get tiring in the long run. The Samsung keyboard, however, gives you a way to be able to change its colorations so that you have that new touch. Obviously, however, not everyone is satisfied and would like something more still, such as the possibility of adding a photo to the keyboard, whose guide I leave you here. Until the next guide.

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