How To Get Free Coins On Tiktok Without Paying [Guide].

Find out how to get free coins on Tiktok without paying. Today we will see with this new guide how to get free coins on TikTok without paying. TikTok thanks to its short videos has managed to gain a huge audience of users all over the world. Thanks to those who create content, from the most spectacular to the most entertaining and informative, TikTok has managed by originality to make a place for itself among the many other social networks, managing to take its share of loyal users. If you have a favorite content creator, you can purchase coins from TikTok and gifts that you can give to TikToker as a reward for the content he or she creates. These coins, however, you have most likely heard that in addition to being able to buy them you can also get them for free on TikTok and thus without shelling out a real penny. If you want to know how to get free coins on TikTok without paying, continue reading this guide to find out in detail how it can be done.

It must be said that TikTok at least for the time being is not there to give coins to anyone directly, but they need to be purchased with real money. So can’t you get free coins on TikTok without paying? The answer is that you can get free coins to use later on TikTok, but you can only get them on certain websites that ask you to perform specific tasks. In addition, there is no shortage of clever people, those who promise coins on TikTok in exchange for an action, but who ultimately do not provide the user with any coins to use on the social.¬† However, you will find ways in this guide that will allow you to get coins to use on TikTok without buying them, plus if you want to buy coins directly, you will also find all the specific steps to follow.

what coins to use on TikTok are for

Through the TikTok platform, both users and content creators can send or receive money, but since you cannot send real money to each other, you have to buy coins. Coins then act as virtual currency for users using TikTok and can be used to be donated to the TikToker who made a video you so enjoyed or can be used to buy and send gifts. The cost of a gift starts from 1 coin for the “Rose” gift up to 34999 coins for the “TikTok Universe” gift which is currently the most expensive gift you can buy on TikTok. Once the coins and gifts are obtained, everything can be collected and cashed out via PayPal.

how much coins cost to buy on TikTok

The price of coins you can use on TikTok varies depending on the amount you want to buy, and obviously the more you want to buy, the more you’re going to spend in real money. Coins currently have this value, but it could change at any time or stay that way for years, so take this list with a pinch:

  • 70 coins = 1.09 euros;
  • 350 coins = 5.49 euros;
  • 1400 coins = 21.99 euros;
  • 3500 coins = 54.99 euros;
  • 7000 coins = 109.99 euros.

and so on, until you reach the maximum number of coins you can buy on TikTok.

how much do gifts cost to use on TikTok

The gifts that can be bought on TikTok are different and each of them can be purchased with coins. Each gift has a different cost and that can take from 1 coin up to 34999 coins. What are the gifts that can be bought on TikTok?

Some of the most common gifts you can buy on TikTok in the economy range

  • Pink gift: 1 coin
  • Tiktok gift: 1 coin
  • Heart finger gift: 5 coins
  • Panda gift: 5 coins
  • Perfume gift: 20 coins
  • Love gift: 49 coins
  • Some of the most common gifts to buy on TikTok in expensive range
  • Unicorn fantasy gift: 5,000 coins
  • Submarine gift: 5199 coins
  • Jet plane gift: 6,000 coins
  • Yacht gift: 7499 coins
  • Interstellar gift: 10000 coins
  • Sunset Gift: 10000 coins
  • Castle Gift: 20000 coins
  • Lion Gift: 29999 coins
  • TikTok Universe Gift: 34999 coins (this is the most expensive gift you can buy)

how to get free coins to use on TikTok

As mentioned earlier, it is not possible to get gift coins from TikTok, but they always have to be bought from the platform using real money. TikTok therefore, at least for now, has not devised any system for giving away coins, but only sells them to its users. There are, however, some websites that promise to give away coins to use on TikTok, but beware because many of these sites are scams and simply require you to perform actions in exchange for coins to use on TiTok but in the end give nothing away. A few sites then there is that work but I do not recommend any, Google however helps, but be careful.

Another way you can use to be able to get coins to use on TikTok without paying is to ask your friends or some family members who use the social to transfer their TikTok coins to your TikTok account. This transfer of TikTok coins can be done between users, but you obviously need to have TikTok coins in the account of the user who is initiating the transfer.

You can earn coins and gifts with your TikTok account by creating content for viewers. This if liked will increase your audience and they will send you TikTok coins and gifts. This is the best method to get coins from TikTok without having to pay, but it is not immediate, content has to be created, and it is not certain that you will eventually receive coins and gifts.

how to buy coins on TikTok

Getting free coins on TikTok is not at all easy unless you create content that engages, gets shared and is seen by many users, sure some service that coins in exchange for an action can always be found, but very often you get nothing. If you got tired of looking for some service or way to get free coins, you can always go ahead and buy TikTok coins. Here’s how to buy coins on TikTok:

  • Log in to the TikTok app.
  • From the app’s main screen, you need to tap on the profile icon located in the lower right corner
  • Then tap on the icon that gives you access to the Menu like the one pictured and found in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Now select the Settings item and go to the Privacy Settings page
  • Now scroll down with your finger and you should see the Balance item. Tap on it to view its contents
  • You will now be shown how much your account balance is. You will also be able to see a button that says Reload to the right. Tap the Reload button to access a new screen.
  • From the new screen you have the option of being able to select the amount of coins you want to buy. Then choose the package you want with the amount
  • Add the payment method with which you want to pay for the coins to be used on TikTok and confirm your purchase
  • Now that you have paid for the package, you will see your balance with the available coins on the Balance page


Being able to get free coins to use on TikTok is not an easy thing to do, and often the sites that offer them in exchange for a share are just rip-offs. Something good among these sites may be found, but it is not a very easy thing. As we have seen there are ways to get free coins to use on TikTok, but they may not be the most straightforward method you were expecting perhaps. However, the best way to get coins on TikTok is still to create content that users like, otherwise, if you really want to give a gift to some TikToker content producer you are fond of, better to buy some coins directly from the TikTok platform and you will definitely do it faster. Until the next guide.

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