How to take a screenshot on iPhone and iPad with buttons? – Apple

Learn how to take a screenshot on iPhone and iPad with buttons. Taking a screenshot is some very common nowadays, so most devices allow this function. And if you have an iPhone or iPad and you still don’t know how to do it, in the following article we will tell you all the procedure you need to follow for it and also where to save the screenshots once you take them.

How to take a screenshot on an iPhone or iPad?

As we have already mentioned, we are going to explain you how to take a screenshot on an iPhone or an iPad and then we will leave you with the methods.

From ‘AssistiveTouch’.

On devices with iOS operating systems, you can have a virtual button that floats on the screen and through it you can do various actions, in this case capturing the screen is one of them. 

If you don’t have AssistiveTouch activated on your phone, don’t worry for it just head to the settings, once there look for the option that says accessibility then tap on AssistiveTouch and finally just slide the switch to activate it.

Next, click on customize the floating menu and then select the option screen capture, you can also modify it to be done with one or two touches or even have to press for a few seconds for the capture to be done.

That’s it, that’s how easy it is to use the AssistiveTouch to take a screenshot on your personal phone, however, this is not the only way below we will leave you more methods in case you don’t like to use the virtual button too much.

Using the phone buttons

You can also take a screenshot using some iPad and iPhone specific buttons, here’s how to do it on an iPad.

If your iPad has the home button, then to take a screenshot, just find what you want to capture, then you have to press and hold the home button plus the lock button, do it until the screenshot sounds, this is usually very fast, about 4 seconds is enough.  Then just go to your gallery to see how it looks.

In case the iPad does not have the home button, you should not worry there is another combination of keys for these models and in this case you must press at the same time any volume up or volume down button plus the lock button.

What is the combination of buttons to capture the screen on your iOS phone?

Here are the key combinations you should use to take a screenshot on any iPhone model.

For those iPhones that have the lock button on the top among them we have the iPhone 4 and 4 s, the iPhone 5, the 5c, and 5 s in short those that are of the first generation. To take a screenshot on these models that we have just mentioned, you just have to press the lock button plus the home button at the same time. Do it until you hear a sound or the screenshot appears then just look for it in your gallery.

screen capture on iphone

  • For those iPhone models that have the lock button on the side, in these we have all the iPhone from 6 to 8, example: 6s, 6 Plus, 7 Plus among others. Here is the same procedure as in the previous one, i.e. pressing at the same time the home button plus the lock button, the only thing that changes is the location of the last button.
  • Finally we have the iPhone that do not have a home button or also called Home, here we can say that they are the most recent iPhone models such as the iPhone X, 11, 12 and others. However, in them you can also take screenshots with a combination of keys, and in this case are as follows:
  • Press at the same time the volume up buttons plus the lock button both are located on the sides of the device. That’s how easy it is to take a screenshot on any iPhone model.
  • How do I record the screen of my Apple device?
  • In most of the new devices, you can already use the screen recording tool, and if you still don’t know how to do it on an iPhone or iPad, here are the steps you must follow to do it.

Record screen on iphone and ipad

  • The first thing you should do is to go to the control center.
  • Once there, press on the icon that has the REC button, and press the microphone.
  • If you don’t find the icon, don’t worry, just go to settings, then control center and finally add the screen recording tool to your panel.
  • Finally press start recording, it will automatically record the screen of your iPhone or iPad, if you want you can activate the microphone to hear the external noise in the recording, and if not you can disable it and nothing will be heard in the video.