How to take photos using self-timer on iPhone? – Simple actions

If you have come this far, it is because you probably want to take a photo where you want everyone to be in it, but you don’t know how to activate your iPhone.

Don’t worry because today we are going to give you a very interactive guide, where you can learn how to set this feature of your iPhone phone, and thus have a great photo with your friends and family similar to taking a portrait photo. 

How to activate the self-timer on an iPhone?

As we said in the introduction, if you want to take a group photo with all your friends, the ideal is to place the phone in a place where you can see all the people and activate the timer.

And to achieve this you must first enter your camera phone after this, you are going to place yourself in the type of photo you want to take that is, if you want to take a portrait or a normal photo; after you are here, you go to the bottom of the screen and you will notice that you will see several options.

One of them is the timer, when you tap on the timer two options will appear, one for 3 seconds and the other for 10 seconds.

However, Apple also allows you to do this action through its Michael Kors Smartwatch, which you must connect to your phone, so you do not have to be aware that the timer runs, but you wait for everyone to gather, and then take the picture using your watch.

How to take timer photos on an iPhone device?

In order to take a photo with the timer on your iPhone, you should follow the recommendations below:

For photos with front camera

To take a picture with the front camera, you can lean on a table with a bra that holds the phone, after that you go to the bottom of your screen, where there is an icon like a clock.

Afterwards, choose the seconds you want to count down and gather all the people who are going to appear in the photo, this way you will have a snapshot in which everyone can appear.

Taking photos with a rear camera

But if you want more space in the photo, that is, when you do it with the front camera the space in the photo is smaller, and many times not all the people come out, so the best option is to take the photo, with the rear camera, thus also placing the phone in a place where you can hold it.  

After this you go to the part where it says timer that is at the bottom of the screen, and choose the seconds, then wait for them to run out and take the picture, ready that’s all, however, it is very important that you make a backup of your photos with Google Drive.

This way you can share your photos with your friends through the cloud, and have a safe copy in case you delete the image, you already have a backup.

What filters can be used when the timer is active?

In order to use these filters with the timer active, you must first choose the filter before the countdown starts. After you have selected the filter you go to the bottom of the screen where the timer is located and start the countdown, in this way, you will be able to get your photo with eye-catching filters.

How do I set the time to take timer photos?

As we mentioned before, in order to set the time for your timer, you must first have the camera ready and the objects or people that are going to appear in it, and then you will choose between the two options either 3 seconds or 10 seconds.

Once you have selected the option, you will click on the little ball where the images are taken and it will automatically start counting down, until you get to take the picture. However, if you notice that your applications, including the camera, are a little slow or do not load properly.

You should check the app cache and clear the app data so that your phone is free of junk files and can start working quickly. With this, we end our article, I hope you liked it and that you have learned with us how to activate the timer on your iPhone.