How to Recover archived emails in Gmail

If you have archived emails in Gmail, here’s how to easily recover them.

The archiving feature in Gmail is useful to have perfectly organized all your emails. The emails are hidden, they do not disappear completely. We tell you how to recover archived emails in Gmail to use them again whenever you want.

Gmail is the Google service that allows you to manage all your emails both to receive them and to compose new ones and send them.  If you are one of those who use this platform and you are used to sorting your emails, you will have archived those that you do not need at a given time. Now you can retrieve them easier to work with them again.

How to unarchive an email in Gmail

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When you archive an email it moves to a clearer view of your inbox. If you have archived an email and now want to retrieve it again or if you have done the action by mistake and want to bring the message back to the main view you will be interested to know how to unarchive an email in Gmail.

Archived emails are stored on the platform so you can retrieve them whenever you need to. To do this, just open Gmail and go to the left side of the screen where the menu is displayed.

In that menu, you must scroll down to the bottom and click on the text “More“. Several other options will be displayed, including the text “All“. If you click on it you will see that on the right side of your screen all the emails appear.

Now you must select with a “tick” those emails that you want to unarchive. They will be highlighted from the rest. Finally, click on the icon in the form of a box with a down arrow with the name “move to received” that you have at the top of the screen. If you do not select the email(s) you want to unarchive, the option to move it to your inbox will not be displayed.

Where archived emails are stored in Gmail

One of the most recurrent actions, when we manage our email, is to archive emails. These emails are not deleted, but where are archived emails saved in Gmail?

The answer is simple, Gmail stores emails in the “All” tab that you can find in the menu on the left side of your screen. This is where not only archived emails are stored, but also the ones you have in your inbox. As the name suggests, these are all the emails you have received and not deleted on the platform.

How long Gmail saves emails

Another important aspect of the email service is the storage time of emails. Not all emails always remain on the server so you should know how long Gmail keeps the emails on the platform.

If the emails are archived or in the Gmail inbox they are kept permanently until you decide. This way you can keep emails for years as long as you have enough storage on the platform.

For those emails that the user has sent to the trash or discarded if they were drafts, Gmail applies a 30-day retention policy. After that time the platform automatically deletes them.