How to easily forward an email from AOL to Gmail? | Guide

AOL is a company that has been offering its users the best communication options for years, for this reason it is used by many; among the services it has for everyone is AOL mail, this way its users can easily transfer information.

However, in many cases and for different reasons you may want to forward or transfer emails from AOL to other accounts; in this article we will explain step by step how you can easily forward an email from AOL to Gmail.

How do I import contacts and messages from AOL to Gmail?

With each update our contacts are automatically stored in the main email we are using; Gmail users have the opportunity to use the email in offline mode and be able to review the information in addition to the stored contacts.

AOL also has for its users the option to store a large number of contacts and messages; however, it is good to ask how to import these contacts from AOL to Gmail?

To do this you must log in to your Gmail account, then select the gear icon located in the upper right area; in the dialog box click on View all settings, then in the menu panel select Accounts and Import.

When you click on Import mail and contacts a pop-up window will open in which you must enter your AOL email; when you press the Next button you must enter your password, select continue and choose whether you want to import contacts in addition to all your messages.

Do not lose patience if the process takes longer than expected, in this type of process everything depends on how crowded the servers are; once everything is in order you will have a copy of all the contacts and messages from your AOL account in Gmail.

Can I send messages from Gmail with my AOL address?

It is very common that when having several email accounts we want to use all of them at the same time, having the information at hand; sending emails from other accounts from Gmail to Hotmail for example, is very easy and of course with AOL, we will explain step by step how you can do it.

When you are in your Gmail session, click on the settings icon located on the right side and under View all settings; under Accounts and Import locate the Send as block, it shows you the accounts from which emails are sent, select Add another email address.

When the pop-up window opens add your AOL email, click the Next button and then click Send Verification; now you just have to open your AOL email and verify the email, this way when you are going to send an email from Gmail you will be able to select which address you want the email to be sent to.

How to schedule forwarding future emails from AOL to Gmail so you don’t forget them?

It is important to have an order in our emails, that is why the option to archive and view our messages easily is the best of all; also if we use several accounts we may forget to check all of them and miss an important message.

To prevent this from happening to you we will tell you how to schedule the forwarding of emails from AOL to Gmail, to be always up to date with the messages you receive; go into the configuration settings in your Gmail account which is located at the top right and select Accounts and Import from the menu.

In the option Check email from other accounts add your AOL account in the dialog box and click next; enter your password and select Leave a copy of the messages, to finish just click on Add account.

This way all the messages that are entering in your AOL account will be saved in the Gmail server; sometimes they can present a small delay due to the congestion of the servers, if it happens you only have to update the web page or application and the problem will be solved.

You already know how to forward a mail or email from AOL to Gmail easily, this way you will be able to use the email to the maximum; take advantage and configure your accounts so that you can use them all from the same place, this way you will use the time to your advantage.

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