Something went wrong on Facebook How to fix this error?

If you get the error: “Something went wrong on Facebook” We explain how to fix it.

Attentive if you get the message: “Something went wrong on Facebook, how to solve this error? We tell you about it below.

Facebook is the social network used by more than two billion users every month and the second most downloaded application of the moment. Among its many functions is the ability to share images, videos, or any text published on the wall.

It also includes applications such as Facebook Couples and games that can be accessed from the application itself. It also has the possibility of creating pages of a topic or subject and groups of friends with whom to share content.

Sometimes when entering the application a message appears: Something went wrong in Facebook, how to solve this error? Not being able to access Facebook is quite annoying especially when you do not know where the problem comes from. But don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with your account and your personal information is not at risk.

This error may be due to various causes that make the Facebook application not run on your mobile device.

To solve it you can do it in several ways. On the one hand, close the application completely on your phone and reopen it again in case the application was stuck on your device.

To close applications on Android tap the square button at the bottom left of the screen and slide the Facebook application up. On iOS, double-tap the home button and slide the app to be closed upwards.

If the problem persists the best thing to do is to remove the app from your phone and delete all data from it and then install it again.  Once it is uninstalled download it from the Play Store or the App Store.

  • To delete the app on iOS go to “Settings”>”General”>”iPhone Storage”. Then click on Facebook and finally on “Delete app”
  • On Android go to “Settings”>”Applications”>”Manage Apps”. Then in the list look for “Facebook” and click on Uninstall.

Sorry, something went wrong with Facebook, what’s wrong?

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When logging in to Facebook, you may have received the message: Sorry, something went wrong with Facebook, what’s wrong?

It may simply be that you have no internet connection on your device. Check that your router has all the lights on or in the case of mobile devices try making calls to see that it is not a problem with your phone line.

You may be logged into your PC browser and it won’t let you log in to Facebook because you have a problem with the cache. You can clear this cache in Chrome from the menu by going to “More Tools” and then clicking on “Clear browsing data”. Then select all the items you want to clear and restart the browser.

In Firefox you can clear the cache by going to “Tools” and then “Options” and “Privacy”. There you will see the data deletion options, click on the ones you want to carry out, and restart the browser.

The error may also occur because you have installed an extension on your Google Chrome or Firefox browser. If after installing the extension you cannot access Facebook you should remove the installed extension.