How to enable parental controls on Windows 10 PCs? – Limit your accounts

Currently, smart devices have parental control, which consists in supervising and monitoring the Internet activity of people’s children. Windows 10 has incorporated this function in its operating systems, in order to allow parents to know and limit what their children do on the device, protecting them from the dangers of the same at that age, here you will learn how to activate parental control in Windows 10.

How to manage parental control permissions in Windows?

To configure the parental control permissions and limits in Windows 10 you must first have an account created in Windows Family Safety, the special site to manage the pages that the minor can visit, schedules, restrictions, among other functions, to do this follow the instructions below:

  • Go to Microsoft Family and click on Create a family group, add the emails of the people who belong to your family group.
  • To include a minor, click on the option that indicates a family member and complete the corresponding fields until the form is finished.
  • Once the account is created, you can start managing the parental control permissions, it offers several options to configure.

How do I activate parental control on a Windows 10 account?

This process can be done from the Microsoft Family Safety web page or from the system of the same computer, the procedure between both is similar and you only need to have an account in Microsoft Family, if you do not have an account created you must do it first, providing an email and password to create an administrator account in Windows and use it in Microsoft Family, the same program tells you how to do it.

Operating System

The Windows 10 operating system has this program preinstalled like previous versions of Windows, it is possible to perform the procedure from the system itself, to do so follow the steps below:

  • Enter the Windows 10 menu and click on Settings which is represented by the gear symbol.
  • Then, click on the Accounts option with the silhouette of a person and in the new tab will appear the administrator account that you have registered.
  • To create the account for minors, click on the Family and other people option in the left panel of the screen. Then tap on ‘Add family member’.
  • In the new window that will appear choose the option ‘Add a minor’, if your child has an email address enter it in the field below or you can create one from the option ‘The person I want to add does not have an email address.
  • Click on ‘Next’ and in the new box click on Confirm. You will receive a message from Microsoft Family to the email address you provided, open it and click on ‘Accept invitation’.
  • In the ‘Join family’ tab click on ‘Sign in and join’, when you return to the Windows Accounts menu under ‘Family and other people’ you will see that the email has the ‘Child’ label.
  • Underneath it click on the ‘Manage family settings online’ option and on the Microsoft Family page you will see that your child’s created account is listed next to various options to configure. At this point you will have activated the parental control.

From the Microsoft Family website

Another way to activate the parental control is by accessing the Microsoft Family web page, to access this function follow these steps:

  • Enter the search engine and type ‘Microsoft Family Safety’, enter their website when the search results load.
  • Click on Create a new family group and enter the account with your email, when you are there click on ‘Add a family member’ and type the email that your child will use.
  • Then select the member option to be able to monitor the child’s activity and click on Invite.
  • You must accept the invitation in the email provided, it has a limit of 14 days to be answered, to accept it click on ‘Join now’, it can also be called ‘Accept invitation’.
  • In the new tab tap on Join now and complete the required fields, when finished go back to your initial account and manage the permissions to your preference. This will activate the parental control on your children’s account.

What are the limits in a parental control account?

Parents when logging into Microsoft Family Safety can configure various limits and permissions, for example: recent activity, screen time, content restrictions, spending, among others.

In each block mentioned you can configure the options offered, in ‘Recent activity’ you can see everything your child has done, from applications and web pages to internet searches, in the option ‘Change restrictions’ you can modify the limits of each one of them.

In ‘Screen time’ you can configure the days and time limit that your child can use the device, selecting the days of the week and from what time until what time he/she is allowed to surf the Internet.

In ‘Content Restrictions’ you can block the pages you do not want your child to visit or age restrictions, as well as control the maximum amount of money your child can spend in Microsoft stores.

The limits of an account under parental control depend on the permissions imposed by the parents, these range from inappropriate content, blocking access to certain web pages, schedules (time allowed to surf the net), use of certain games or applications, among others.

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