What Does Doxing Mean And How To Dox On Whatsapp

Learn what does doxing mean. Take extreme precautions and protect yourself by knowing what doxear means and how to doxear on WhatsApp to avoid exposing your data without your permission.

The security of our personal data is an aspect that we have to be fully aware of when using applications and social networks, so it is important that all users know what doxear means and how to doxear on WhatsApp. Although it may seem like just another term within tech jargon, doxxing involves the exposure of confidential data (addresses, credit card numbers, phone number, etc.) of a person through their online exposure.

Many people can fall victim to doxxing on WhatsApp. This practice is used not only by hackers, but by many users for purposes of harassment, threats or revenge, so we must strengthen the security of our device so that they can not access sensitive data and take extreme precautions when providing them.

To avoid being doxed on WhatsApp, we will have to start acquiring certain habits in the daily use of the application, and one of them is not to expose as far as possible very personal data in our chats (bank accounts, passwords, etc.), since WhatsApp, although it offers an encryption service that makes hacking difficult, is not 100% invulnerable to outside intrusions. Another important recommendation is to be extremely cautious with phishing links and not to click on surprisingly attractive offers or suspicious information that may reach us through a group or chat, no matter how trustworthy the contact may be.

How To Dox A Phone Number

As mentioned above, how to dox a phone number is a practice that can expose such a personal piece of information on the Internet through social networks or messaging applications to harm a third party. Sharing a phone number with a contact does not per se imply doxing (although it is always advisable to have the permission of the person whose number is shared), but it does when a phone number is exposed in a group or in several chats for harmful purposes such as public scorn or personal revenge.

Some websites seek to profit from the sale of personal information of this type through subscriptions, and in this case it is a case of doxxing that the major platforms are trying to avoid in their struggle to make the Internet a safe place. Google assured in a report by The Verge that “if we can verify that those links contain personally identifiable information, there is no other content on the web that is of public interest, and we receive a request to delete those URLs, we will do so.”

Many times, when filling out a form, we are not fully aware of who our personal data is going to. It is always advisable to know who is going to collect that data so that we do not find that our phone has been doxed and is circulating freely on WhatsApp or other messaging platforms, potentially causing us unwanted harm.

Is It Legal To Dox?

After knowing what doxing is, another question automatically arises: Is it legal to dox? The legislation does not usually specify it, so these cases are usually analyzed individually. In theory, the information that we expose publicly on the Internet, especially on social networks, is visible on our own initiative (or due to ignorance of the user), so in these cases it would not involve any crime to expose it.

However, if the exposure of these documents or private information has a purpose of harassment, identity theft or incitement to violence, it is likely to be taken into account as an illegal activity. As indicated in previous articles, it is important to know how to proceed legally in the event of a problem of this type that may result in harm such as threats or intimidation.

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